To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


That’s good! Glad to hear it isn’t such a big deal where you are. Population density seems to be everything with Covid in general it seems (which I guess only makes sense with anything contagious). But damn, we just keep getting messages from friends going down with it. We just had another friend message us she was sick.

It feels a lot like strep throat/ear infection for me. And just sleeping 12-14 hours a day.


Re-recorded vocals for a track I originally made 9 years -ish ago.

I sung it one octave up, warts and all. Holy crackers that’s some angry shit. Did about 7 hours ago, and just listened back now. Sounds punk A F. I’m so happy.

When I get past Hogmanay will see if its worth inflicting on the world :smiley:


Pitch drift. Pitch modulation.


This came in the mail today :slight_smile:


dang we about had Covid on the same day. I started feeling it on xmas eve and woke up Xmas morning full blown. Was a long isolation - and I had my lady visiting from out of town lol. Suckkkks.

Definitely glad I had the vaccine as well though, shit would have been brutal without it. My sense of taste/smell still aren’t fully back – but not everyone I know who was vaxxed lost those bits.

Cheers man, we super-boosted for now, at least. :beers:


Havent made a rant about social issues or politics at all these past few days.

I dont feel the need to.

I guess i got used to people trying to do to me what that reporter tried to do dr. Peterson in that viral interview.

Im no longer bothered by it.


Same here @nose and @relic

My work situation was a close group of 5 all vaxed and got used to the idea that we had this thing figured out… one of the group got Covid at his daughter’s volleyball tournament… got boosted the next day and thought his symptoms were from the booster… went to work and shared it with us.

I tested positive on Christmas Eve… really happy my wife was able to sneak by without getting it. It was a rough 10 days though :hot_face:


Ok so what was w “The IDMf a Very Covid Christmas” lol

I am glad to hear everyone is well @nose and @1roomstudio


Dang, glad you’re all better man! That’s crazy all 3 of us pretty much universally caught the spike. I’m jabbed up and all, but it really hit me hward.

Pretty sure I got the delta shit, because my taste/smell was erased and nobody else I knows was. It’s still not back almost 20 days later…

everything tastes fucked up. Weed tastes like rotten lemons or something, I can’t describe it haha.

Glad we’re recovered up enough without too much pain @relic @1roomstudio :beers: cheers to good health !


It was very nasty :nauseated_face:… but now I know I have to keep myself safe… and not rely on my trusted bubble :mask:

Oh… and thanks for the beer :beers::pray::sparkles:


Glad you guys are safe (well safe ish) and not imminently dead.

Today, I was made happy by looking at a properly fucked up mix and just knocking 6 off all the output busy busses. Ruthless but effective.


Wow, this thread titled To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today? has unironically become the most depressing thread on here.


How so?


I came here just to show that I still haven’t caught it in any way form or shape!



That its MLK Day, no class, don’t have to leave the house…


Well, scroll up and read a lot of it. There are upbeat entries for sure, but an increasing amount of them in the past 2-3 months have had this negative vibe to them, and not just the ones about covid:

In the “Things that piss you off” thread, a couple guys even made a similar observation a while back about that thread:

I feel like a lot of that “really sad, scary, depressing” stuff has found it’s way into this thread as well. I mean, I’m not judging anyone here, I’m just saying this shit’s depressing yo. But I get it, it’s happening everywhere in the world right now.

So…to what do I owe my Happiness today?

I don’t have to drive anywhere in this weather:

I still have power

and I still have some weed left :wink:


Get well soon @all who caught covid or something else that results in health, feelings or experiences below reasonable parameters.

I owe my happiness to my baby boy who behaved comparatively well in his first visit to the Kindergarten. Way to go, Meta Jr.


Black hole sun wont you come and wash away the rain.

Some of those posts are mine,…I was watching too much news. Was dealing with assholes. I Followed the golden rule and they stopped.

That is why, also keep in mind i made an effort to hold back as much as possible. Also I still have residual thoughtfeels about things. Learning to switch off the residual thoughtfeels. But yeah.



@moodorf that’s interesting, I defo saw what you meant about this thread, I hadn’t noticed it in the other one. Interesting observation.

@metaside glad meta jr is doing well in kindergarten : )


Free day. I turned off my brain by watching movies and shows because i overanalyze stuff.