To What Do You Owe Your Happiness Today?


Family gathering cos we won’t be able to be together for Christmas, especially with another lockdown looming.

I got Star Wars boxers which I immediately put on outside of my jeans.

Winner is me :smiley:


That I survived the riot vibes shit show at the county health office getting at home Covid tests. We are fairly certain after calling around they are the only tests available in like a 20 mile radius. They got them today and I’m sure they’ll be out of them by the time they close up shop. Of course not a cop in sight, just a punch of poor county health workers trying not to get run over by impatient assholes in giant SUVs.


just came in the mail


Nice :slight_smile:
I chuckled. I was about to write something pithy like IT COMES WITH A KEYBOARD NOW! … then I remembered that usually when I post something nice I’ve received I put it on a synth to photo it too :smiley:

Even at that I had to fight the urge. Look at me, growing :rofl:


I havent been complaining on social media about politics and social issues…

Media blackout is going well.

Progress :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve now had Covid (probably Omicron) for 48 hours and I can say it SUCKS ASS. I spent some serious money last night on KN95 masks for next semester because the Uni’s are clearly not going to change their ways and we have crazy high infection rates in our region. I do not want to get this again. Its pretty much all the worst flu symptoms wrapped up in one single shit show. Sorry, blah, my sleep schedule is all kinds of fucked…just sleeping when I feel good enough to…plus all the cold meds and shit…really wish I had some valium or something and could just blackout for a few days lol


Are you vaxed and boosted? Just curious.


I am vaxed (both shots, Moderna), was going to schedule a booster during the winter break from school but that’s probably out now as I’m pretty sure you have to wait for a period after having symptoms to get any of the vaccines. Still going to get it and a flu vax because fuck this shit. My partner has had it for six days and she is only today feeling a bit better.

I think the vax was still worth it as I went all semester with a fair number of students being exposed or getting Covid during the semester and I didn’t get it with the vax + masking in the classroom. It wasn’t until Omicron tore through Ohio just recently. Literally everyone is sick here.

It is so bad there was practically a riot at the county health office when they got some home Covid tests in. It backed up traffic for miles. I locked my car doors at one point…I didn’t think it would get violent but I could see people opening my passenger door to try and grab the tests.


I set up an appointment (at Walgreen’s) for my Moderna booster shot but the earliest I can go in is Jan 10th. Must be slightly more available here? Seems like a long wait compare to the first two shots but not as bad as you’re experiencing.

I havent gotten the Cov afaik yet but then, I was a shut-in hermit even before this whole thing hit so it doesnt surprise me.


We were the same for a long time. Even we started going to restaurants again to eat in it was like once a month when we just couldn’t stand being in the house anymore.

My partner works from home. And I tried to be as careful as possible but people just bailed on masks around here.

People are already talking about their being a “soft lockdown” in Ohio because so many people are sick no one can work.


Dang, sounds pretty crappy. It was super easy to get the booster around this part of Illinois. Chicago has a lot of cases as usual, but it’s pretty much business as usual where I am, except for wearing masks.

Everybody I’m friends with has been boosted, minus those that got their vaccine a little later. Nobody I know has contracted it lately, except for a couple work stories I hear at the school about stuff. The factory hasn’t had anybody out for covid for a while now either, as far as I know.

Feel better, my friend!


That’s good! Glad to hear it isn’t such a big deal where you are. Population density seems to be everything with Covid in general it seems (which I guess only makes sense with anything contagious). But damn, we just keep getting messages from friends going down with it. We just had another friend message us she was sick.

It feels a lot like strep throat/ear infection for me. And just sleeping 12-14 hours a day.


Re-recorded vocals for a track I originally made 9 years -ish ago.

I sung it one octave up, warts and all. Holy crackers that’s some angry shit. Did about 7 hours ago, and just listened back now. Sounds punk A F. I’m so happy.

When I get past Hogmanay will see if its worth inflicting on the world :smiley:


Pitch drift. Pitch modulation.


This came in the mail today :slight_smile:


dang we about had Covid on the same day. I started feeling it on xmas eve and woke up Xmas morning full blown. Was a long isolation - and I had my lady visiting from out of town lol. Suckkkks.

Definitely glad I had the vaccine as well though, shit would have been brutal without it. My sense of taste/smell still aren’t fully back – but not everyone I know who was vaxxed lost those bits.

Cheers man, we super-boosted for now, at least. :beers:


Havent made a rant about social issues or politics at all these past few days.

I dont feel the need to.

I guess i got used to people trying to do to me what that reporter tried to do dr. Peterson in that viral interview.

Im no longer bothered by it.


Same here @nose and @relic

My work situation was a close group of 5 all vaxed and got used to the idea that we had this thing figured out… one of the group got Covid at his daughter’s volleyball tournament… got boosted the next day and thought his symptoms were from the booster… went to work and shared it with us.

I tested positive on Christmas Eve… really happy my wife was able to sneak by without getting it. It was a rough 10 days though :hot_face:


Ok so what was w “The IDMf a Very Covid Christmas” lol

I am glad to hear everyone is well @nose and @1roomstudio


Dang, glad you’re all better man! That’s crazy all 3 of us pretty much universally caught the spike. I’m jabbed up and all, but it really hit me hward.

Pretty sure I got the delta shit, because my taste/smell was erased and nobody else I knows was. It’s still not back almost 20 days later…

everything tastes fucked up. Weed tastes like rotten lemons or something, I can’t describe it haha.

Glad we’re recovered up enough without too much pain @relic @1roomstudio :beers: cheers to good health !