Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high


Right, the purple came from Manic Panic, which is not henna. Pix forthcoming.


got a haircut my first time on acid


Dude… that sounds terrifying lol. Especially the after part. was it a drastic change? shit. I already shudder at imagining the scissor noises.



it was just really weird, my dad gave me a ride there too and I have no idea how it wasn’t obvious I was tripping face, somehow kept composure during all that hahah…


i took 5-meo-mipt , lsd and a bong rip all consecutively. i became a paranoid schizoid for the next 10 hours or so. i was dragged along by my drug dealer to his “death metal band practice”, which, as you might imagine, was absolute hell. the world caved in on itself - split in two (left reflective of right) , then collapsed into a manifold in and of itself whereby any point I looked at was nothing but a giant fractal of its surroundings. hard to explain - had to have done it, though i wouldnt wish it on anyone. absolutely freaky - fell asleep eventually to the fine noise of my radiator running. the chugging along of its engine or whathaveyou generating heat. genuinely though id lost my mind that day.


I can understand that way too well for comfort lmao. Jesus dude, what a bad experience.

And this is coming from a death metal guy



god damn…some of those research chemicals…I’ve taken 2CB a couple times, once by accident and ended up enjoying it, then a couple times on purpose…but it was all good. That sounds fucking horrifying…

The only really dumb thing I’ve done lately is taken a large-ish dose of MDA (not MDMA) really late one night at a festival last summer and just couldn’t sleep for fucking ever. And it was a festival were people actually go to sleep for the most part. I had a long ass telepathic conversation with the camp fire about the finite nature of our existence–not really, but I did stare meaninglessly into camp fire between about 3am and 10 or 11am when people started to get up for the day.


I pushed over neighborhood mail boxes after slamming fireball whiskey with a Mexican friend.


Never buy 10 gramms of speed paste and go to a LAN party with 1500 other people after two days with zero sleep. Just don’t. Trust me. :joy::joy::joy: That was 15 years ago. I’m wiser now.:joy:


you had me questioning things based on the term “speed paste”


…did you guys play Quake tho?


In high school we used to take a lot of acid and go to religious events. Pentacosts were popular, since glossolalia is cool when you think you can understand it. Also snake handling, because yes please. This mostly predated megachurches, but some of the precursors to it were local, so we did a bit of that as well.


And here I’m used to wrangling assholes off me with police while on acid… I can envy that kind of dedication.

I’m still waiting for 2030 during my political career when I have someone in my past call me out as a sexual offender when I pulled my junk out at a party full of 40 people because nobody believed I legit pierced my junk.

I have a bright future, ok?

note: yeah that was a mistake literally and figuratively (don’t put extra holes where they don’t belong, right?)


Quake 2 and 3, Half-Life … you name it :blush:


Amphetamine paste, we call it “Pepp” or “Nack” in Germany. Thank god I quit doing that stuff years ago.


Speed in general is just weird shit. The relatively few times Ive used it the whole experience ends up feeling like a mix of lost time and weird dreams afterwards.


Ive gone to a church were people were speaking im tongues and being taken w the holy spirit while on E and K (these vitamins are part of s balanced breakfast!)


shit & fall back in it



We are pretty sure my buddy who was totally out of his mind (booze, weed, LSD to name three things I saw him take) the whole time he was with us at our annual July festival outing was so fucked up one night he chose to shit on a coke can right outside of his tent.

Edit: I think I posted this somewhere before, but he also ended up getting so wasted he was convinced the whole festival was a satanic cult trying to recruit him. He ended up running through the woods all night, through a briar patch, and swimming across some gross pond that no one swims in. He came out of his tent the next morning head to toe covered in big ass scratches like he lost a fight to a herd of alley cats.



Research chemical bad

My absolute worst experience was ‘Dragon’ brand or whatever ‘Spice’ which is some kind of synthetic marijuana
There’s hundreds of synthetics and each has a different effect, a bit unlike the original.

It was a beautiful day at a pond with a nice bird watching hut, wind rustling though the reeds and the trees…
I took a drag and, I’m in Cuphead

I’m standing in a path between two trees but it feels like they’re 1cm from my face

The entire world am become 2d and I cannot move without holding my hands out as if it’s pitch black darkness

It’s the weirdest thing, losing depth perception

It made me fear blindness more than I did before

Look after yourself, Idmf’ers :slight_smile: