Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high


My advice to people who use these various “mind enhancing compounds” is try meditation. What these substances do to your nervous system and body is best not contemplated.


I tried this for a long while and actually got overloaded each time. My counselor tells me it’s because I’m too introspective, and apparently anxious fucks like me do better with exercise because it’s more of an outward expression.

Do I listen? No, not really


I somehow lost my keys, got low key kicked out of a bar because I was going in and out looking for them, had to take a uber home, scale up 2 stories of a wooden wall to get into my condo, only to have my keys fall out of my pants/boots later…

…and then ended up spending $450 on a fucking sword replica from my favorite movie Mandy all in the same night.

Good shit.

hangover intensifies


Was At a house party had a few beers and a few shots, had a shot straight up, felt myself about to projectile vomit, and shut my mouth thereby swallowing my own potential projectile vomit out of common courtesy for the party host and finished my beer and cut myself off for the night

Also when you drink so much that it numbs physical pain like that incurred from tripping and falling from bein too drunk too walk it is time to stop


I gagged just reading that. re-swallowing a vomit shot is no fucking joke, lol.

yeeeeeks man


Totally blew my last day of freedom. Drank. Ingested percs. Smoked herb. Then at at 1230am took a left over ~1/3 a hit of lsd the night before the first day or class.

i.have more pills and booze
Wish me luck


@relic Have the class watch a Shakespeare movie and have them analyze it for literary devices…as you recooperate


Yes, Chi Long Qua, I would have to agree. Also you have to think of the damage that activity is doing to your health.


I didn’t know we had incels here. Welcome!

Calling yourself better than others is humble? Sounds legit



did you live? That must have been one hell of a school lesson lol.


the lsd, seemingly, h@d no effect or I slept through it. I w@s very off the next d@y though…sorry for the @s@pp@rently th@t key is just de@d on my keybo@rd now…


Don’t take this the wrong way… but I hope to see other keys slowly degenerate over time… just to watch the evolution of the spelling. :ghost:


A legend among men :100::100::fire::fire::fire:


My brother Bastian and I like to play Porn Bingo at the local video store. All you have to do is get drunk, go to the porn section at your video store, then pick some funny porn titles and say them out loud so the customers can hear you say it while they wait at the counter. Get kicked out and repeat next weekend.


That’s certainly one way to spend your weekend


What’s a video store?


Something from the ancient times of the 90’s and 80’s before the advent of posting your drunk escapades on social media


When I was little, I thought the adult room in the video store was for getting drunk and jerking off.