Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high


My advice to people who use these various “mind enhancing compounds” is try meditation. What these substances do to your nervous system and body is best not contemplated.


I tried this for a long while and actually got overloaded each time. My counselor tells me it’s because I’m too introspective, and apparently anxious fucks like me do better with exercise because it’s more of an outward expression.

Do I listen? No, not really


I somehow lost my keys, got low key kicked out of a bar because I was going in and out looking for them, had to take a uber home, scale up 2 stories of a wooden wall to get into my condo, only to have my keys fall out of my pants/boots later…

…and then ended up spending $450 on a fucking sword replica from my favorite movie Mandy all in the same night.

Good shit.

hangover intensifies