Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high

Share your intoxicated escapades…I had pizza with a self proclaimed pimp (but probably wasnt) once in midtown manhattan at 4 am


Side question do you live in in NY?

I drank a whole bottle of vodka, threw up blood, and broke my friends ankle by falling on top of it, because nobody knew how to do a fireman’s carry.

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Yeah I live in ny, but I’m not plugged into the scene at all though and its by choice, I just dabble in music tbh, in my experience with the scene there’s good and there’s bad but I’m assuming you know that already, it’s just one of those things last I checked concrete jungle was in NYC doing dnb events but I doubt that the people around that are around anymore and most have moved onto other endeavors that are more stable financially, and I came across another avant garde scene but that was a waste of time it was diverse but there were some weirdos i shouldnt have associated with but there was also some decent people I heard about a circuit bending thing in dumbo but that was around 2011 if anything it’s all organized online nowadays i mean you might be able to network with organizers by going to shows and underground raves but youll come across some wierd people but youll find some decent ones too, but to a degree, some are just looking as to what can be capitalized upon to make a quick extra buck, so it’s up to you…I once saw a show in some junkie orphan den type thing where the ppl put on a party just to raise money for rent they were all living together doing drugs and stuff, and I saw an avant garde show in some bar in Manhattan it’s like for me scene was just an outlet I mean yes sure I enjoyed myself but looking back I wonder whether or not the fun I had was worth it, but hey some are luckier than others just remember creative endeavors are super hard to be successful with being that it’s highly subjective, it might be safer to get a gig that requires a different skill set but is more financially stable like learning a trade like a mechanic or plumber or electrician


This is about my whole group of friends, and happened back in Houston, TX. At Rice University, there is a bar underneath the chemistry lecture hall called Valhalla. It is aptly named, as it no doubt even now has the cheapest beer in town on tap. Back when we were in our first year of college, that was Shiner Bock for us. Now I usually didn’t drink as much as my friends, but back then I tried to keep up and had built up quite a tolerance. Now I have one or two, but that night I had at least twelve 12 oz cups of Shiner over the course of a few hours.

I don’t recall feeling super drunk, nor did I have any issues driving. Being the dolts we were in the mid-80s, we drove ourselves around after drinking more frequently that we cared to admit. Nearby Rice U. is this little area of shops, stores, and the odd club called The Village. At the edge of that was The Fast And Cool Club, which to us was the most ridiculously named club ever conceived. None the less, we decided it was time to go there in our drunkeness. So I had driven us all in a white Ford F-150 stepside truck, most of my friends riding in the bed. We walked towards the club and for some bizarre reason, one guy named Paul decided it would be fun to toss a plastic milk crate up in the air over into the parking lot of the club.

I was a bit shocked when that happened, and immediately we heard commotion on the other side of the fence. Paul was an idiot. He dressed like Keith Richards and had the worst singing voice you have ever heard. Of course he was unconcerned about his display of manliness, and just kept walking. By the time we reached the entrance to the club, a whole group of guys had materialized. The milk crate it seems had landed on the club owner’s car. Now my friend Stu was getting questioned by someone at the door about the milk crate and Stu denied having anything to do with it. The other two guys we were with were also accosted by dudes that were yelling. I saw a port-o-can and ducked in, trying not to seem like I was with them.

All of the guys pressing my friends were jackass tough-talking guys, while one weasel guy turned his attention to me and tried to alert the aggro men, “Hey, this guy’s with them…too!” I could see we were all in deep shit, so I left the scene and got in the truck. I then drove at high speed and slammed on the brakes in the street before the whole scene, screeching the tires. One dumb dude picked up a plastic barricade and motioned at throwing it at my truck, so I backed up again like a charging bull and did the wheels screech. Then, I turned off and drove away.

I went around the Village for a while and waited. Sure enough, my friends were walking back towards Rice U. and I drove up and collected them.

“Dude, when you did that thing with the truck those dudes all thought it was you who threw the milk crate, so we said, YEAH, THAT’S THE GUY!”

Only Stu got a little punch in the nose. Paul, who rightly deserved a beating, was not harmed.


I agree completely with everything you wrote. Especially on looking for something stable financially speaking. Outside of music my trade is economics and it’s something I enjoy learning quite a lot.

Being in the Bronx I’ve made electronic music in isolation. For as much as my friends know I produce I’ve never met another house and techno producer in person throughout my whole life. I honestly don’t even where to find a scene in the city because to me it looks like electronic music is scared of the Bronx.
I’ve been to Brooklyn to see Sleeparchive and Dj Bone and the people attending seemed nice but I didn’t really felt a connection to them. I want to see other people and go to other clubs like Boss Nova, but in terms of looking for scene I’m not interested. Producing in social isolation away from other producers has given me some originality, I never felt the need to be constrained by the paradigms of the cliques over here.

I don’t blame you when you say people could be weird. The city is a very strange place and being born here I’m not too friendly to implants it’s somethihg I gotta work on haha.


Yeah I dunno NY is the city that never sleeps, people are either busy making extra money, fighting each other, or making babies, the arts has kinda taken a backseat here, you could also network by shopping around for hardware in physical stores, or record hunting for samples, but yes NY is diverse, just gotta be on the lookout for the unsavory characters in a sense that I found out that one of the dude’s that organized the party I went to happened to believed in these fucked up conspiracy theories so yeah just be careful, and also the cops get involved when people call for noise complaints and shuts down the party, to be fair people have to go to work the next day, and those type of events are usually associated with drug use and other stuff, and sometimes they are a venue for bad personal conduct which does sometimes occur…so yeah I hear in the Bronx some ppl doing some type of shit in the news for the past year from what I can remember and that’s only the stuff they report I can only imagine what doesnt make the news so yea gotta watch your back, but that’s beside the point, williamsburg and maybe some areas in Manhattan you might be more successful being that the area is more commercially gentrified since it is that way for fucked up reasons which are out of our control, I mean other than voting and going to the community board meeting’s and being active in the community there’s not really much we can do as civilians but I digress…I sorta just use my laptop to make weird experiments the closest thing I’ve made to techno sounded like a boc track with a noisia type bass or it just wounded up sounding like an idm track…also ppl don’t go these rave’s for the music anymore the music takes a backseat and the party is an excuse for ppl to get high to have a good time, and hook up

I made my girlfriend of about 1-2 months a gigantic tuna / cheese casserole to have with some drinks, and apparently went way over my limit with some 8% ABV garbage (I’m a constant lightweight, it was only like 6 beers). I also drank them too quickly most likely.

In my attempts to sober up, I just kept eating this nasty, thick tuna casserole. Then suddenly my digestion just went into full reverse and I splattered her entire house, walls, bathroom and sink drain with the most disgusting tuna casserole vomit you could imagine.

I’m pretty sure the night ended with her having to draino her sink, launder my clothes and bathe her dog.


Alright, well, I guess this is a story of mine that needs to be told. This goes down in the halls of the most berserk high / fucked up experience I’ve ever handled lol.

About a year ago my bandmate was house sitting for his mom/family while they were out of town. They live in a mansion-like farmhouse, totally rad place. My bandmate asks " Hey man I got some really killer acid, wanna go take a trip and jam some electronic music in this house?" of course I say yes, so does my other bandmate, Kenny.

Now, Kenny, this is a special sort of dude. Imagine a self-loathing emo-kid who is all too excited about everything all the time. Good guy though, or so I thought, and played guitar for my band.

So, three band members (myself included) with a strip of acid in a mansion with an ounce of herb, what could go wrong?

On the way to this place this guy Kenny starts dropping some interesting propositions that led me and my singer, Josh, to feel like this guy has never really taken LSD before. At this point, i’ve only known this Kenny guy for less than a year, versus Josh, is a life long best friend who i’ve taken all sorts of substances with in my youth.

“why don’t we just drop it and go hit on a public bus and go get lost somewhere? I do that all the time”. - kenny says. We’re like, what the fuck… confused, questioning… anyways

We get to the place, hook up my monitors, an electribe, arturia spark, the minibrute and my laptop with serato. Sounds like a good time. We take two hits each, and immediately this guy is like “We should take a third”. Fuck no, thankfully we talked him out of THAT because what was about to unfold was fucking sheer insanity.

About an hour in and it starts ramping up, I’m having a good time playing some destiny and laughing, all was well. Suddenly Kenny gets in ultimate dark brooding mode… “Idk guys something isn’t right. What if that shit was poisoned? We should seriously call someone.”

Me and Josh immediately know this is going to be bad trip zone, in an unfamiliar environment, so we start the damage control as quick as possible. “Dude it’s chill, we’re just on the rollercoaster.”

I learned in that moment never to tell someone freaking out on acid to calm down. We suddenly go on that chaotic acid moment of confusion and not really knowing what is happening moment to moment, one moment we’re all rallying to go outside… for… some reason? The next we’re parading in a different room, confused, and wondering what the fuck is happening.

Luckily, I can handle my shit and have taken quite a bit of cid’ in my day, so I keep reminding these guys we need to go listen to some chill music and calm down. I can tell things are getting out of control (this acid was fucking insanely pure, dastardly so).

Of course, I’m high too, and not sure why the fuck I get the idea, but there was a massive hot tub/jetted bathroom in the house so I’m like, guys, let’s go strip down and hit the water, calm down with some ambient music. LITTLE DID I FUCKING KNOW… apparently hot water has a way of ramping up the shit like none other.

Cue some time later, we’re all bare-ass naked three bandmates in a tub just sitting there like “ok… is Kenny chill now?” the entire time this guy is crying and freaking out like “just let me call someone guys, we need to call someone!! I just want to call someone!” At this point I’m over it, I give him the phone to call whoever and he’s acting like he’s never seen one before. Immediately goes into this weird mode where he thinks we’re in the afterlife, we died in the living room and were reborn in the tub.

Josh and I know this is fucked, but we’re sane enough to keep our wits together and try to resolve the situation. This guy starts slithering around, freaking the fuck out, saying he just wants to tell his mom he’s sorry that he died and shit… whatever. There was a huge gym-like shower place in the house, so we go over there and try to get sane outside of this hot tub. This is where shit starts to get way too insane. This guy is basically like “I can’t believe this shitty place is the afterlife. THIS IS IT? What the fuck, this is retarded. Are you guys demons?”

He goes from one moment pinning my buddy against the wall and making out with him, to me fending this guy off and wrestling on the ground with his balls like inches from my face, this is getting insane. I immediately go downstairs and call his dad, who is all pissed off that he has to leave the goth club to go get his shithead son. Right? Fucking what the hell, dad.

Suddenly I hear this loud “BANG BANG BANG BANG” from upstairs, and josh comes running down with a dead-ass stare like “CALL THE FUCKING COPS RIGHT NOW DUDE” “RIGHT NOW”

APPARENTLY… somehow… Kenny found a kukri (tibetan made huge ass blade) and was parading around jacking off and punching holes in the wall, and started carving a massive fucking hold in his mom’s doorway naked. Grabs my buddy and half the time wants to fuck him, the other time punching him in the face… so we call the cops, flush the drugs, report an overdose. He’s upstairs at this point and we have no idea what’s happening… he could be dead, or whatever. He was dead to him anyways. All night he kept trying to run outside naked into traffic or into someone elses houses, and so we kept him in the shower area for his own protection.

So, cue some time later, fucking every doorway opens and a swarm of cops flood into the house, we’re high as fuck… and apparently they didn’t take lightly to us saying “there’s a guy who overdosed on acid and has a weapon and is threatening us”

They go upstairs and he’s fucking fervently insane, gets fucking wrapped up in restraints and carried down the stairs screaming and crying for his life. Gets into the ambulance… headbutts a fucking nurse in the face and gets charged with assault later…

I have to call my dad like “Uh… Yeah so you’re gonna remember this conversation for the rest of your life. I’m high as shit on acid and Kenny just tried to kill us. I need a ride”. My pops being awesome, was totally worried but wasn’t even mad. Just came and got us.

The cops knew we were high, but we were able to play it off… kind of remember vaguely not being able to tell them the guys name, and he was a friend of a friend or something… the cops were like “you know you’d be booked right now if we found anything.” Luckily we kept the ounce of weed outside and flushed the acid, so. Good call on us.

I still have PTSD sometimes from that night, ruined my band… I can’t even look or think about that guy the same way anymore. He nearly killed josh, swung the blade at him a few times and missed while falling all over the place. We were literally sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, all in the name of trying to keep this dude from killing himself. Fuckin’ insane.

Haven’t done acid since. Probably will again, though. NEVER take that shit with someone you don’t COMPLETELY know and trust. Jesus H.

edit - oh yeah, and this kenny guy thought a good way to make ammends with the nurse he assaulted was to paint her a painting and drop it off at her work… yeah… this guy.

oh, and for proof - here’s a photo of some of the damage to the wall, it was NOT fun explaining that to his parents… and… we never found the blade. It was hand made by a tibetan monk. Owner was logically pissed. Here’s the sheath though, for reference.


My friends used to have this 7.5 foot nitrous oxide tank we named Darth Vaper. I’ll call them J and S here. This thing was a serious weekend annihilator…like you’d start in Friday night and wake up Sunday after midday wondering what the holy fuck happened to the weekend.

J had bought this house in town that was like right on the edge of a really nice neighborhood and the hood. He was more on the hood side though. His plan was to fix it up and sell it was the hood was being gentrified.

So for 18 months to a year J was doing jack shit to flip the house and it just kinda turned into a rave “crack house” with a rotating cast of bad, DJ roommates. Any time I came to visit there were pretty much people in and out of the house at all hours, I’m not 100% the doors even ever got locked. Thankfully all the bedroom doors locked and I was usually able to crash in an extra room or J’s brothers room when I stayed. It didn’t ever feel really dangerous, but like just on the edge of it (or I was young and stupid).

So one weekend we were just absolutely out of our heads and we were filling huge garbage bags with nitrous and just getting inside of them and breathing until we got absolutely stupid. If you’ve never done a lot of nitrous before it has quite a cumulative anesthetic effect. We were also doing some K with it. At one point we decided it was a great idea to have a break dancing competition. J at some point tries to do some kind of move and we all see his ankle and foot do some shit that shouldn’t be possible and he fell over. He insisted he was fine (not like anyone could probably even get the key in the ignition let alone drive).

Even when I left Sunday evening to make the long ass drive to the other side of the state, his foot and ankle seemed fine and he wasn’t really complaining of any pain.

J woke up either Monday or Tuesday morning and his foot was like twice the size and black and blue. I forget what he actually did to it. It turned out to not be absolutely terrible. But we had done so much nitrous (I think we may have actually gotten the tank filled twice that weekend, not 100% though) that he didn’t feel that shit for a day or two after we stopped the binge.

So at one

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Good jesus dude…I’ve never understood why people think LSD is a good time. Like, I can see using it for like “spiritual” purposes…but I’ve never like hallucinogens as a party drug…

Not an LSD story but…went to a house party once and one of the friends in my group probably weighed like 110 tops soaking wet and he would just drink 151 out of the bottle. We were hanging out in this kitchen and all of the sudden he is running at one of the people who brought us to the party with a fucking serrated steak knife. Total flight or fight response on my part I grab the dude’s wrist at the very last second and lay him out with a sucker punch.

The guy he was trying to stab for absolutely no good reason actually had a scratch from the knife on his abs. Not good.

For a minute in NEOhio snorting a little bit of vodka of the indent on the bottom of a shot glass was a thing. I don’t know if people actually got fucked up from it or if it just burned like hell. Stabby McGee denied trying it, but I still feel like he might have. I dunno. I didn’t trust that dude again for like a year. And ultimately our friendship ended on bad terms by the end of college. (No surprise really).

He lives in Japan now. Has a girlfriend, but regularly goes to gay bars and when dudes spurn his advances he starts fights with them. The day he sent me naked pictures of his girlfriend (I’m talking full on porno basically) I blocked him on social media…

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mega cringe

I drank about 12-14 beers, 2-3 glasses of wine… stumbling about at a beach on New Years eve between friends

My main lift ditched me, I found a crowd with a joint way bigger than they could smoke.
So I toked it till there was nothing left.

Had a great time,
Found a friend who’s got a lift so tagged along.

On the way around a turn, headed away from the beach up and around a mountain…
I feel the waterfall coming, too fast.

I launched projectile vomit like they did in Scary movie, from the back passenger seat onto my best friend’s head and neck - sitting on the front seat.

His mom was driving, needless to say she was not impressed at all at the situation.


Never regurgitate tequila in your uber lyft

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Nice thread…

I got into a play-fight with a punk and broke a couple of ribs, and never went to a doctor. It took some time to heal but it’s okay now.

I got into another fight with a bum and a beer bottle crushed in my hand, needed 8 stitches. No biggie.

Got arrested a few times too (fuck the police!!)…

I get mean drunk…


I Posted on idmf


Once I was hanging w my coke dealer at our usual spot on like Wednesday afternoon and we had been drinking Black Velvet shots w Budwiser backs. Don’t ask, its a Youngstown, Ohio thing.

For some reason he ordered a round of Jose and I did my shot, went and did some bumps outside and started to smoke a cig.

Somehow my body literally made me only puke up JUST the Jose shot…I mean like it was so clean someone could have probably drank it.

Finished my ciggy and went back in and continued to party no worries.

My body was just like NOPE to the Jose.


When I was 17 a friend asked me and another friend to go to New Orleans with him to help restore a derelict mansion on Esplanade within walking distance of Bourbon Street. (That’s a long story… another time)

It was January in New England and we were in the middle of a nasty bout of snow and ice storms… heading south sounded great.

I bought a new pair of jeans because the ones I was wearing at the time had patches on the patches and the newer holes in the ass end was not the right look for meeting new people… especially since I didn’t wear underwear in those days. So I had $18 left to my name and my only luggage was my Martin Guitar. (Yep… still have it!)

The day we left was bright and sunny and below zero and every surface, every tree branch, every telephone pole and wire was encrusted with an inch of glistening ice… all the way to Virginia. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Bourbon street was a kick… totally exotic to a Yankee long haired bearded hippie white boy. We found a little bar on a side street called Jonny Matasis… walked in and sat down at the bar and immediately started getting the evil eye from the locals. Then three big dudes came over to us and were just about to toss our asses out when an old lady back in the corner started yelling… “that ain’t them… leave em be…” She came over to us and started apologizing to the big dudes and explaining that the day before three white hippies had come in an started busting the place up.

By way of further appology she invited us to her private booth (she was the owner) and bought us drinks and told stories until late into the night. Her stories were fascinating and incomprehensible… partly due to the local accent. She was drinking shots… one for every beer we had. At a point she started hugging and kissing me and unbuttoned her blouse… shoved my hand in and said “not bad for an old lady aye?” Truthfully … I don’t believe she was a pretty girl even in her younger days… but I was raised with manners and her kindness and generosity deserved reciprocation.

Jonny Matasis become “our place” during our stay (through Mardi Gras) and the beers were 50 cents and they didn’t always charge for them. After a while we were invited into “The Back Room” … literally a hole in the wall behind a tapestry, with a dirt floor, a bare bulb, a pool table, and a poker table.

It was a weird culture shock… but we got used to it real fast. :sunglasses:


That is an awesome experience man. I love being taken in my locals as an outsider.


It’s the best way to travel!

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Also, having been hit on by fair few cougars in my younger days, I now feel like I should have taken up one of them on the implied offers…


It’s always awkward but interesting… by the way… this one was more of an alley cat :cat2: