Things you did whilst pissed, drunk, fucked up/high


touche’ on the alley cat ;p


I am all of those things right now so fuck y’all bitches i’m qualificated.

So basically what I’m saying is that i drunk post a bit. It’s good to let a bit of steam off even if it means shitposting your way into people’s hearts.


Well said! You got MY attention… :eyes::two_hearts::ghost:


Dude you are grandfathered in permanently at this point–all dah love!




I kinda feel like IDMf has become a bunch of sober bitch ass goat yoga cunts…we need moar drunk posting.


Sober people don’t make music. What is this crazy talk?


Where’s @Numerical when you need him :stuck_out_tongue:


went for a piss in the bushes and fell off a small cliff! fucking nightmare


Oh yeah? Sometimes I piss in the tub, while I’m taking a bath.

See ya next fall.


Holy shit man I think I remember that.


Went through all of Reason 10’s tutorials. Not sure if I’m going to remember much of what I learned but holy shit


Well last night I found some bud I hid and woke up with purple hair and don’t remember shit after about midnight…


Lol, I take it you had dye around too?


We always have a couple jars of manic panic at our house and some henna dye whipped up and ready to thaw from the freezer, though my girl usually does the tattoos with that. We are some kind of weird hippy, pagan-adjecent, punk rock, house music, crazy cat people liberals.


Tattoos? Like the kind that wash off or actually tattooing peeps?


Henna tattoos, well done, last about two weeks. Henna is a multi purpose natural dye.


Ahh, neat.


Back in the day (and really today too) lots of old ladies use it to get brilliant red or very dark hair when they go white/gray. It is easy to use and lasts a long time. I use it in my hair sometimes to get more of a natural red mixed in with my dishwater blonde.


But now it’s purple. I expect photos in a particular thread, if you haven’t already. :joy: