Things that piss you off the most


Today what pissed me off was


I’m just kidding, it was kind of annoying though.


sorry for some of my ambiguous fuck you posts…they werent directed at anyone on idmf…tbh i was just venting because my parents were somewhat getting harassed by real estate agents who were looking to flip houses just so that they can make a fat commission…

greed makes people stupid.


It could be worse… give me a little time to think of how :thinking:


This is the way.


The withdrawal that I’m having as a result of my abstaining from making music today on my free day, jesus didnt think that I didnt have a serious problem till now…

I really Need to find that balance.

Addiction…my first world problems.


Too many ass hats uniting.
Please just stop it.
At least pretend to.
Now…get of my lawn.


Make me :smiley:


That would prove difficult without the use of long range ballistic poop launchers


You got this. All you need is a decent curry the night before. Or at your age, bran in the last week :smiley:

Braces for incoming poop


Dont taze me bro…

gets tazed

Lolz ensue…

And then tears for fears


Jesus, I went a ways down, read a bunch - then grabbed the side pane block with my mouse arrow and pulled…for about ten seconds…

I lke the forum layout and color.


@nostromer : diet fixes the body.

re - fortnite: humans and Capitalism and privilege, yo.

I like ska. Back in '01 a dude and I were smoking a joint and he had on this weird ska group that…suddenly turned into a ta-sty cover of Reign in Blood.


@Brogner : ‘women’ suggests a pattern of self-abuse, holmes.

The hot totties, you can send dem hoes ova hea!

Also, pregnancy gets sidelined by keeping it Greek.


(@) bfk : ain’t it funny how some ‘wisdom-y’ folks get cached out in simple ways?

re - driving : those beyond 60 have a different biological pace than those younger - just as those over 40 have a different pace than those younger…and so on. IE: living in another’s shoes…

Seems only Ireland has addressed this issue in denying driving privileges to those over 70…

Also: WORD.



Love makes the world go round. Shame makes it a gambling affair.


I feel obligated to mention that I love Ska, and ran a very successful radio show in college called the Happy Hour Ska Show (Oregon State KBVR radio) for 3+ years. So yeah, fuck the haters. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was literally listening to Toots and the Maytals and the Toasters to and from work today. If I ever get around to getting a tattoo, the first one will be Walter Jabsco on one calf and Beat Betty on the other.


I’ve been listening to The Toasters so much lately. They are the greatest ska band on earth IMO


people overreacting and believing in nonsense…facepalm…

i guess this means I gotta cut people out of my life

would share more details on this but i suspect that the certain people track my net presence judging by their behavior in my past interactions with them


A few things
fucken hoarders suck ass
my brother got laid off cause he’s a bartender and yeah, nobody should be at bars right now
And I work in food delivery and people tip fucking trash during this bullshit so far lol… one fun thing to do though is to wear a really heavy duty mask to the deliveries I know I’m going to get stiffed at and are like 5 miles away. Seeing the look of panic in people’s eyes and their questioning if they should even be ordering food can be really amusing.

Maybe I’m being an asshole by doing that, but maybe you’re an asshole if you order food and don’t tip, especially right now. Everyone working in food delivery right now is risking getting this shit a lot more than most people.


sorry this job has made me a spiteful motherfucker lol, I know, it’s petty


No, not tipping is def a dick move in any situation.


That’s fuckin’ lame man, I’ve done a couple deliveries and tipped 30% even with them leaving the delivery on my doorstep.

Shit sucks out there for delivery drivers. Wish more people were accommodating, but its tough times.