Things that piss you off the most


so i had to pawn my org minilogue xd module to pay my electric bill.merica!
because i live on a fixed income i can only afford so much.
yeah ill get it back next month.but why should i even have to do that?
its why i havent been on in a bit.wrangling
meh,anyway the show will go on,eventually.i mean this taking all i have thing just to survive cant go on forever can it?jeez i hope not.anyway its not all bad im alive,i give everyone my money just to exist,i…?


Mini keys :laughing:


Oh hi Mark



Oh, I also hate knobs that are too close together on synths. That’s another one. (I have large fingers)


Well life is not kind to me this year.
My laptop up and died last night.
Sigh…so it looks like I am out of commission for a few months.i will start looking for a used desktop somewhere local.i do have 16 GB of corsair memory and a 2tb Seagate barracks hdd.
So I can at least upgrade depending on what I find.just when I started buckling down with my on my phone so at least I have that.
Kinda sucks a bunch.i do my on the computer.gonna be a boring few months


Sorry to hear that


@Rixtr Do you know if your phone will handle FL mobile? In a situation like that, maybe it would serve as a cool place to jot down music ideas in the meantime so you don’t go stir crazy. If my hardware (laptops, duh!) broke down today I’d just be recording ideas nonstop into a field recorder on an acoustic.

God forbid all of my setups die overnight, that would be weird


Politics is the new comedic source material…huh…


Just got back from a nice 9 day vacation to have the one thing I was worried about come true.

Fuckin’ car got broken into AGAIN for the 4th time in 2.5 years. This time, they drilled out my ignition key slot.

Every time, they don’t take really anything valuable. One time all my lighters, then some change. And they emptied out my old ash tray for some reason. Oh yeah, and they took a big box of all my college homework and study material. Good, I hope they educate themselves.

Fuck, and I supposedly live on the “nice east side” of salt lake city. Fuckin’ hell.

I"m over it.


I know it is sort of a first-world problem in comparison to some of the shit people have to go though, but I fucking hate going to an interview and then NOT HEARING BACK FOR A WEEK when they say they will “think things over for a day or two.” Le sigh. I suppose I should have expected it, I applied in December and only heard back Friday before last that they were interested. Guess I am waaaay too motivated to get out of my job…I want to be the boss my boss will never be, and the stress of the work situation is causing me problems. I hope I can get away soon. Plus, this other jobs pays quite a bit more, so there is that ray of hope at the end of tunnel or whatever that gets my hopes up and dashes them to pieces every time I refresh my inbox and see no emails.

They did reply today, and it looks good, but I have to want another week to hear if they want to talk to me again…gah.


I think someone should invent a car alarm that is a taser gun…that you can shoot the car jacker with your smartphone…


That happened to me right when I moved into my current house. The spare key was literally inside the car, nothing was taken, shit was just thrown about. I guess some people just want to prove they can get in? I don’t understand this phenomenon


I remember one time someone stole three soft cases of cds from my car, so about 60-70 of my cds. They found the guy and I got some pathetic restitution from him–I think it was like $100 or something. Really pissed me off though.


They checked your car for unreleased Agent Slimepunk demo CDs.


Its Retard Day in the UK. The haters, racists and greedy 1% won and are celebrating a path that leads only downward.


ugh the galvanization of the tribes which will lead to the civil feud over control of the state and the homeostasis of the economy in order to achieve their vision of what is the best path for societal progress…the eternal debate the clash of ideas and personal desire to achieve success either for ones own self or for the betterment of the people…either way it doesn’t make a difference for the selfish ruler may have just as much as a positive impact as the nonselfish ruler…and conversely the impact of either or may also be equivalently negative…for the short game is easy to see and the consequences are easier to calculate but as for the long term the impact whether positive or negative remains to be forseen and cannot be predicted

blah blah blah…

all hail hypnotoad.

fuck it its like thanos vs iron man in an infinity loop…


Apparently I tend to kill conversations with my comments…great…

Logs off…


What pissed me off today? nothing. Today I was not pissed off, mostly because I sat inside and played video games for most of the day.


Well it is official.democracy in is over.all hail king trump.
Joy of joys.
That is all.


insert manifesto