Things that piss you off the most


More drama

Two friends of mine are currently separated they both still ask me for updates on how the other is doing…and then proceed to complain about each other…I want them to stop bothering me with this I’m not doctor phil,…
in my mind they should get over themselves by stop trying to make each other perfect and just get back together and that the next time when they get into a fight they should immediately start to have hate sex…

But I cant obviously say that so I lied and said to them individually that he/she told me that he/she still loves you…

I just dont wanna hear it anymore…but people are who they are and they wanna be who they wanna be…whatever…not my business… not my fucking problem…I’m not putting myself in the middle of that.




Has anyone ever experienced being hypnotized?


win 10 on this pathetic excuse for a laptop,has become infuriating.
constant crashes, freeze ups…
win 10 has become increasingly stupid, options an choices are vanishing.i even had to login to microsoft this time to install. wtf?when did that happen?
it will be months till i can build a decent rig that can handle what i need it to.
this laptop is removable anything,can,t upgrade memory or anything.
had i known that i would not have bought it.i did not even know that these kinds of laptops even existed.
needless to say i have to rebuild my files for the show i was working looks like maybe feb.for the week in idmf.oh and happy hanuchristmaquanza!


Ad hominem…no homo


Run Speccy. You might be surprised to find that you can double your RAM, depending on what it is.

I have a prebuilt piece of shit that will oddly go up to 16GB, which might make it slightly more usable.


Like Dursty said, most of the time you can take the bottom off and remove at least the ram and the hard drive. It’s only the super thin ultrabooks where they bother to solder down that stuff. Even Apple has replaceable drives on most models. If you have a little jewelers screwdriver set, it’s worth popping the back off and seeing what’s what.


Twisted Darwinism and it’s scary influence in society.


Vocals in drum n’ bass. Fuck no.

I’m sick of stupid fucking angelic starbucks white girl vocals over some good driving Liquid DnB.

miss me with that shit… ugh.




What tracks are you thinking about? ^^


I couldn’t really name them, but I’m always building new playlists on Spotify, and usually discover new music through already established playlists.

If you search “liquid drum n bass” on spotify, play literally any of the top playlists that come up, and about 80% of it is vocal ridden trash.

But damn, when liquid DnB is good, it’s so fucking good. Lots of bad stuff to wade through though.

Maybe I’ll find some bad offenders and put them in the worst music thread, lol.


Yeah, would be cool if you post some stuff, I’m really interested to know what you were thinking about! There are some vocal DNB tracks I don’t like, but in general, I have always been a big fan of vocal DNB and still always put a lot of vocal tracks in my mixes :smiley:


Certain Ppl giving me shit because of their own insecurities…I mean seriously? Come on…


Right so i just read an article…apparently human trafficking is linked to a certain internet thing that is in every dudes browser history…normally I wouldn’t be affected by some internet article but for this i am pissed, I wish I was more aware of this sooner…




How to cook crystal meth…




Please don’t tell me it’s Limp Bizkit


The internet = twilight zone…

I really hate stumble upon.