Things that piss you off the most


Not that it’s any of my business, but you always sound so hard on yourself. Most people really are doing the best they can IMO, life itself is just difficult sometimes. I see a lot of people blaming themselves for being human and I kind of wonder if they’re expecting themselves to be superheroes when life is just handing them shit over and over again.


I concur!life is difficult,unfair,and sometimes just downright uncalled for.
don’t drink the cool aid of not fitting the mold of what or who others want you to be!
there is indeed far too much of that these days.i for one do not play that game anymore.
There is no point as you i or anyone will ever be shiny happy people.
it’s just not the norm.and pretending it is never ends well.
put down the stick!the military is not an answer.been there done that.
pat yourself on the are who you are.i wish i had an easy bake oven!


Anyone ever get the feeling that someone is trying to program them…

Trigger words…neuro linguistic programming…micro triggers…

Or is it just like a bunch of stupid piled on top of more stupid…

Is it just me or is mild sociopathy becoming a social norm…or maybe it’s just a side effect of corporate america…or darwin…???


Yes! it is indeed the is so subtle sometimes people miss it.hence fall for it.
what you are seeing and feeling has been happening for quite some is indeed by design.
look around.why arent people questioning clearly illegal and abhorrent behavior?
why do we not question the fact that we see it as ok to constantly pay someone else our hard earned money to exist.its ok that we lie cheat steal and judge to get by.
we totally miss what is important in favor of stupidity,greed,whats in today.


Noticed an all too familiar foot pain yesterday. Was weary, but cautiously optimistic.

Nope, full blown fucking GOUT attack in my left toe today 3rd time I’ve had this in 4 years. Having to call out of work because I can’t even drive (stick shift FTL here).

Fuuuuuck, I really need to get shit done at work too but I can’t walk. This is so fucking lame. There goes my week.



Drink Lots of water like gallons and no salt…and how the fuck do you have gout aren’t you in your in your thirties…I hope it’s the drumming…do your work from home like pre work on the shit you need to work on or just go on music making bender…

where you spend hours clicking buttons on your laptop and carefully arranging shit with the touch pad…not moving sitting in one spot for hours…there you have it the secret pro master class lesson in a nutshell.


Hmm, it’s a type of arthritis related to kidney disease. I never knew that. Hope it gets better because it sounds painful as all hell


Man that does sound shitty, sorry Nos.


Yep, I’m only 31. IDK it normally hits people who eat lots of redmeats/seafood. I’ve been veg for over a decade… and I don’t really pound liquor anymore.

I think sugary drinks did it to me this time. Utah just changed the liquor laws for beer so we have all sorts of fancy out of state shit and I went a bit haywire last weekend.


Also I have a history of kidney stones so I think that might be a factor.

I should have been a fucking geologist because my body is pretty awesome at making mineral formations.


so all the technical difficulties i have been having lately are entirely due to windows updates.
i could not finish my open genre submission cause midi just stopped working.for everything!
so i spent 2 days tracking down and fixing issues.2 hours today just fixing my korg minilogue xd issues.
and had to re-license a bunch of software.WTF! how is this supposed to be a better windows?
you can’t shut off automatic can pause them but it updates anyway!
if i did not have so much invested in winblows software.i would completely go linux!
but my motu 828 mk3 doesn’t work on linux either.
im already getting fucked so thats the least he can do.
i digress.


I have had some issues with 2 updates so far with W10 where it removed the drivers for my audio interface (Focusrite Saffire 14pro, incase of interest) but never with Midi…but perhaps the same thing is going on there for you, a driver that got dumped during the update. If so the fix is to reinstall the driver through the control panel. I have never personally experienced any software license issues that I can recall…what required you to re-license?


couple of cs6 plugs,filterforge8 and 9, sonar and havent gone through everything yet.
last time though it deactivated zbrush,ableton a host of vst’s and xln.
yeah when it does a major upgrade it changes the hardware id or something along those lines.
highly annoying.some of my licenses i have to de-activate first.or it counts as a license i only have 2 for z brush.
and the pricks at propeller head wont even give me any more machine activation’s,so its the dongle or online.
ffs! winblows there it goes…tralala.


Fucking sinus infection… can hardly hear out of my right ear, my right nostril fucking feelings like I did a line of bleach, and the right side of my throat feels like it has a hole in it. :frowning:
I’m in a lotta pain right now and am highly irritated


Nose hairs and ear hairs

Back hair ftw…


Been there… it’s miserable as fuck …:confounded:

Black cherry juice and Aleve…


Ah yes forgot about tart juice…

On a different note when you attempt to have a meeting of the minds and it doesnt go so well but you keep trying but instead you just wind up building walls


Expecting 16" of snow in Salt Lake here through Friday…

… this is not the foretold prophecy I wanted…


About a year ago a doctor told me that I almost certainly had parasites based on a host of symptoms, but I didn’t have enough money to actually get tested. I concluded that the guy was a quack and I’ve just lived in intermittent pain ever since, not really knowing what to do.

Well, now another doctor now wants to test me for parasites. I probably have fucking parasites :zipper_mouth_face:


Was at a friends birthday party and some random woman that I didnt even know screamed out I love you to me…and after that one of my friends started to get jealous and started giving me shit because they found out about it…so i decided to have a meeting of the minds…turns out the woman who I didnt even know was drunk at the time and was joking and I told my friend that if they want her so bad they should grow a pair and make a move…hopefully I made it clear that I’m not interested and that I’m not cockblocking anyone…

Also heres some more drama in my life my cousin is in a relationship with some guy but she is also attracted to someone else…I advised her not to blow up her life over some random guy that she doesnt even know…because sometimes the grass isnt always greener on other side…

Not really annoyed just venting about certain wtfs in my life hoping that what i said registers and that the situations are resolved

So yea drama…meh


Equalize the agression spectrum by powering their passive actions with RAGE!!!