Things that piss you off the most


I got a copyright infringement letter from Comcast for downloading something that’s out of print, from 1997 at the latest, and was ripped from VHS in semi-shit quality. Seriously, is this a threat to anyone?

I can pay some asshole from Trinidad to make me this same thing on DVD and then it’s considered ‘grey market’ to all parties involved, yet I can’t just download it. You better believe I’m headed straight to the eBay cave from now on, probably paying the wrong parties for my OOP stuff just to keep these pieces of shit from bothering me.

Also I own the legit counterpart to this on DVD, I paid like $99 for it new because I’m a fucking fan, and I support what comes out of this, no matter how old it is. Fuck off and die, Comcast


Amazon’s customer service:

“That never happened”

Sends picture evidence that said order definitely happened

“We can’t view images on here, try something else”


Amazon is the poster child of American worker exploitation, it’s wild, there’s so many stories of what goes on there


Tries to sign into something

“you’ve forgot your password”


reset password request

5 mins later email comes in with reset. reset the shit. go back and try to login:

“this appears to be a new device or location, please check your email for the security code”

5 mins later another email comes in, I download the fucking software finally

software launches with login screen. Login…

“this appears to be a new device or location, please check your email for the security code”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


It’s all good, they weren’t American at all actually :sweat_smile:


Ya know…i took this sorry 19th century excuse for an apartment out of necessity,and it had a deck with a surrounding canopy of trees,that blocked the less than scenic view.
This is what i came home to;

no more canopy,no more getting up close and personal with the squirrels that used to live there,no more nice view.just a full view of the local homless shitshow everyday.
i do not like this landlord one iota.the one thing that sold me on this shack is gone.
ffs!really?why?just why?


I’m guessing that if their roots grow a lot they might undermine the foundations? Cutting back trees is ugly but sometimes necessary.

Guessing here as I don’t know jack about the situation there.


no they were far enough away from any foundation.
They were supposed to be just pruned.
it’s just the landlord being a bitch,because she can.
Thats just how it is here.we can thank the trump asshat bunch for that.
i do however have a solution.i am purchasing landscaping bushes,or fake trees whatever.
and i will have my forest landlord can suck it.


so i have my korg minilogue xd
and i cannot get it to work in ableton or reason.
it shows on the meters that its working,but i get no sound at all.


Is it going into an interface or its own USB? If you aren’t getting any sound in either DAW there might be something on the hardware I/O side.


yeah i havent had hardware for quite some time so yeah its most definatley me not routing my motu correctly.
i also have new monitors which dont have the outputs i am used to.and i think that is the issue.
i will get it worked out.just had to step away for a bit.


Just been feeling extremely mediocre lately… I need to take more time off from work so I can focus on actually making music and art… Really been feeling washed up even though I have nice things to work with… I think I need to make some big changes in my life, and stop unplugging and sitting on the internet for hours just watching stupid fucking youtube videos which I don’t even really enjoy as much anymore. The lack of structure in my life since dropping out of school has made me begin to decay as a person… And the constant smoking weed as a form of escapism hasn’t helped either. I think I need to be completely sober and not touch the internet for entertainment purposes for at least a month…

The last couple years have been pretty difficult, I’m sure a few of you remember me venting about some of it, and I have started to at least get back on my feet financially, but I still have been retaining some of the negative, escapist habits I had while going through tough shit. This is me saying that I need to make a serious change and rise above mediocrity that won’t go anywhere for a career or what I want to achieve. At least if I post this I feel like it’ll remind me. I’m not where I want to be or envisioned for 26. One thing that really sucks is that I was finally diagnosed with ADHD last year after thinking I had it for years, and the medication I started actually helped me focus significantly, but yeah, can’t be on your parents health insurance past 25, so there’s no fucking way I could afford that prescription.


Preach man. Always a good place to vent here. Quarter-life crisis is real as fuck, I went through something similar when I was mid-20’s.

I’d like to say it gets better, but it takes work. I’m 31 now and just out of an even rougher patch - but you live and learn, and grow.

Focusing on music as an outlet is the most healthy thing you can do, and art in general. I’m not sure if you express yourself in any other mediums (painting / illustration / design / writing) - but just dive into that shit as much as you can and get your system tuned.

:beers: <3


Honestly I know that the only thing that will make me truly happy in life is creating things, and I haven’t been doing that nearly as much as I should. That’s my reason for living, and I’ve been falling out of touch with it…
Tomorrow is a new day though, and talk is cheap. I’m going to really start kicking my own ass into gear about this because it needs to happen.


yep! havent seen you in a while!
good stuff here.i too am getting back to what makes me happy.
in this day and age it is indeed difficult to feel good about much of anything really.
stuff seems to be the goal of life.stuff and money,and status and …wtf.
ok so ya got a lot of stuff and money.but nobody really seems too happy about it,not really.
i have had stuff.i have had money…blah know what really blows my load?
making people laugh.making music that some people like,creating artwork that to some people is amazing.
you cannot get that from money stuff or status.
Bravo my friend! i too am on the same path.
exactly why i am apparently by myself creating this idmf this week show.yes slow but still inevitable,to make you laugh!to share my unwavering sense of has kept me alive till now.
im hoping to spread some laughs if only for a moment.


When I think about Quarter life crises…I think about people being in the military…where they train you and break you down psychologically to turn you into a soldier…when comparing a quarter life crises as opposed to undergoing military training to me there is no comparison…its just more broken windows sales garbage…broken windows sales garbage is a window salesperson paying someone to break a businesses windows so that the salesperson can sell the business replacement windows…

Doing stuff is what matters…feeling mediocre
Do something about it…some things in society are constructs anyways…like corporations, money, sports, video games, etc…back when we were hunter gatherers all we had were the gods, our tribe, and worrying about surviving day to day life…so fuck gq, Esquire, cosmo, the red pill, etc…etc…do stuff

But I dont know…lately it’s like all the bullshit that I’ve experienced is meaningless…because I will die someday and none of it will matter because the universe doesnt care what I do or what happens…so theres that…

Bright side…I guess it’s up to me to decide what kinda life I wanna live.

Second thought I’m a wanker…nvm ignore my post.


Something about that actually sounds more meaningful than whatever the fuck I’ve been doing all my life.


You should start making your own soap.


Hopefully you’ll re-balance stuffs @StrayMedicine

I think we’re all lucky to have creative outlets that help us through shit. Some people not so lucky.

I know plenty that I’ve told about how much my creativity outlets have helped myself and they simply say “but I don’t have a hobby.”

I didn’t either. I found something that interestsd me. I didn’t / don’t have to be good at aabd pushed through it. Now I’m still terrible but can get lost in it for hours.


Thought about joining the military but I’m too old, that and what I had in mind probably wont work out being that there are too many uncontrollable variables…since that I would be serving in the military and that the military doesnt serve me…I dont know any other way to Express that idea…so…yea im not the right type of person for that but anyways I guess if I throw myself into the fire I’ll either become ash…or become the fire itself or so to speak…the alternative is playing around with my easy bake oven…eating some cold pizza and Netflix and chilling after getting some beer…my destiny awaits…great. not sure what am I looking for…I should stop being an asshole and participate In the game of life…I rolled a 5 so I get to move five spaces collect 300 dollars of rent pay 50 dollars in taxes and pass go.