Things that piss you off the most


I got a copyright infringement letter from Comcast for downloading something that’s out of print, from 1997 at the latest, and was ripped from VHS in semi-shit quality. Seriously, is this a threat to anyone?

I can pay some asshole from Trinidad to make me this same thing on DVD and then it’s considered ‘grey market’ to all parties involved, yet I can’t just download it. You better believe I’m headed straight to the eBay cave from now on, probably paying the wrong parties for my OOP stuff just to keep these pieces of shit from bothering me.

Also I own the legit counterpart to this on DVD, I paid like $99 for it new because I’m a fucking fan, and I support what comes out of this, no matter how old it is. Fuck off and die, Comcast


Amazon’s customer service:

“That never happened”

Sends picture evidence that said order definitely happened

“We can’t view images on here, try something else”


Amazon is the poster child of American worker exploitation, it’s wild, there’s so many stories of what goes on there