Things that piss you off the most


I love it when people assume shy and introverted means creepy. I’m quiet at work and OF COURSE some of the hoity toities up there are standoffish and shit…even after they come to me for help and tools. I’ve been there the 2nd longest out of the whole lot of 30-ish people. They would have fired me long ago if i hadn’t kept up with the program. My job employs close to 120 people at that location, and I just wish it was the 10 or 12 it was when I started there. There’s always and i mean fekn ALWAYS at least one standoffish peckerwood among the flock.


I get that too. I can be pretty extroverted at times, but I don’t go out of my way to talk to people.

I’ve had new people come into my department at work and they are like “oh man, yeah everyone thinks you are just quiet and angry all the time” lol.

like ok. I’m probably the most open and chill person, but it’s work… I have work to do…

…and why would I bother talking to co workers when I can spend time on here during the day periodically anyways. XD


In “Zorba the Greek” he says to the intellectual “boss”, “You think too much, that is your trouble. Clever People and Grocers, they weigh everything”. By your silence some people may think you are wise. Perhaps you know otherwise.


Enough years of this go by and you just kind of become that anyway. Then you build a hut for yourself and live under a rock by choice… if you’re me


I manage hundreds of people all day… up the food chain and down… divide that by 8 hrs and who has time to chat? I love the ones that keep a low profile and get shit done!

Back in the day when I worked with loud tools, someone would start to chat and I would look them right in the eye, pull the trigger and BWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA they would look pissed and go away… and not come back.


My last boss at my old job, where I was a maintenance/handyman, told me he was glad he hired me because I don’t stand there and chit chat with people all day long.

Shit, at my new job there’s at least a few people who I describe as birds…they gather up all the tools and stuff (we do electro-mechanical box building control devices, panels n shit, mostly for oil-related companies like Weatherford and Halliburton) and i swear to christ they sit there and try to LAY EGGS. Just looking around like a drunk fool tryna seem like they are working but not actually doing it. A few weeks ago I walked in, sat next to James who is a fellow veteran of the manufacturing realm. We start at 7am, he doesn’t do a fuckin thing until 9. Doesnt even care who sees it. It’s ridiculous. I try to maintain my work ethic, head down fuckin doing shit…I just cant believe people get away with that kind of shit in that environment. Everybody sees you, bruh…I’m just sayin.


i have always been a quiet introvert.i have run 4 companies that way.
but people who know me tell me i have a big heart,that i should show more often.
among other things.i dont really care for idle chat,or pointless discussions.
i am direct without being a dick.doesn’t mean i can’t have some fun.
kinda why i miss the bad old days before the purge.(wanders off grumbling…why just…why)


Post some music dickwad :smiley: