Things that piss you off the most



things that piss me off the most are the things that piss me off the most :slight_smile:


real talk: getting pissed.


My ears need to heal from fatigue, cant music anymore for a while

*Experiences Feels of existential dread





We have a politician coming here(homeless shelter)and i am wondering why?
The truth is nobody really cares.In this area, seacoast area in southern New Hampshire.
The wages are low and stagnant.yet the cost of living is tremendously high.
criminally so.a 1 bedroom here in Portsmouth runs anywhere from $1,500.00-$3,000.00 and up.
This includes nothing.electric,water,sewer,gas,cable,internet…yada yada.
Now i have waited over a year to get a voucher.i have one now but it is useless.
it is for $1,025.00.i get $915.00 a month in ssdi.(social security disabilty)
which i paid into all my it is not a gimme.surrounding areas which my voucher covers.
are a bit less, but there is no room for simple daily with a voucher i only pay 30% of my net.
The big whopping 915.00.ok that leaves a bit.keep in mind my jeep burned, and i cannot afford another.
so i will be on foot.Now i am limited by the bus routs.of which there are few.
car is i have to find something that includes utilities as well.(damn near impossible)
Anyway my pont is that none of this will change.i am now forced to live in poverty.with no transportation,
medical and medication issues that can’t be ignored.foodstamps that only provide enough for maybe 2 weeks.
a crappy laptop that wont use software i use,games??forget it.
this is unacceptable to me! am i wrong? i mean im a veteran,i have tbi,i have to live on a fixed income.
and can afford not a thing that would provide even an iota of a comfortable life.
The so called american dream.for who?we all know who.but nobody admits it.
so why come here and fuck me without a kiss?
pffht! fuck off.
yet the common misconception and widely spread falsehoods,about poverty and homlessness.
are rampant.apparently i must be a drunk or an addict or my favorite just lazy,uneducated.not worth the time of day,im just a taker,a drain on society.etc. so on and soforth.
so yeah i have help.and i appreciate it.however the hoops i have to jump through the just inadequate supports. are overwhelming.but tough shit go away not my problem.That is the problem.


I came here to post a complaint… but never mind… I’m OK

@Rixtr I’m hoping something comes your way to improve your situation.

Best wishes…


Honest question. Is there anything keeping you tied down in that area? Is there a possible way you could move to Wisconsin for example? I lived off of unemployment insurance when I left the navy ( 1200 bucks a month ) and lived in low income housing for 910 bucks a month. It was rough but it was possible to have a roof over my head. I know meijer (a local Walmart) have jobs available for all types of people with disabilities at 10 bucks an hour. It’s not much but I think it would be better than nothing. IDK I’m sure this will be taken as some type of personal attack


heh no,i can get a part time job,however i then lose my medicade,food stamps its a catch 22,thats the hoops i was talking about…i am only tied here due to my jeep catching fire last transportation.
it will get better it is not impossible.i am already looking farther out,but the voucher only covers parts of 2 counties.i think you misunderstood my ailment tbi brain injuries,so yeah that limits me some.
but why does ssdi allow me to work part time,yet my medical won’t?there in lies the problem.
i can’t afford my meds without meds vicious circle lather rinse repeat.
Thanx for the vote of support though!


I wish you the best of luck man. Truly


I am pissed off that @Rixtr has to deal with this kind of shit…that is not how any social system should be working. I wish you luck in finding a place/peace man.


In Australia we find people complaining about survival on the “Newstart Allowance”. Many years ago I had my experience with it. Paying the rent, putting food on the table, paying travel expenses to interviews, etc. I would like to see the politicians trying to live on this payment each fortnight.


yeah i hear people around the seacoast bitching about us lazy entitlement takers.
they dont understand that i paid into the system for 30 years,i only get what i already paid in.
so it is not a hand out.i am also a veteran.but that is not the issue.
The issue is in this area the rents are much higher than what the average pay scale is.
unless you are white collar.this is by design.the area realtors figure to get rid of “unwanted elements”
meaning guys like me.This is not a distorted perspective but fact.when studio apartments are going for
over 1,000.00 a month something is in other towns where there is literally nothing
Start at 1,200.00 a month and include my monthly theft of 915.00 of hard earned taxpayer money
doesnt cut it.i still have to eat have electric,heat’s the new american dream,go live in a tent and shut the fuck we used to say in the army BOHICA!(bend over here it comes again)Yaaay team.


not really cool when you find out your wife is sending nudes to a lead singer of a band you like for months, getting free mail order merch from them, having me wear it during their show on my birthday, plus meeting the guy in person, and then realizing they are actually sexting 20 times a day for months behind your back and plotting to play with each other both prior to the show and after in different locales.

“I was just toying with him” - she says.

I slung the wedding ring off my fouled finger into the black depths of my studio a few hours ago. She’s on the couch tonight. Me being nuclear-pissed off is putting it lightly.

Not sure any post would match the theme of this thread as this. Way too TMI, but hey, it’s IDMf, and we’re all homies.

Fuck everything.

I still love you guys, though.


Hey man, I’ve had this happen to me a few years ago (GF not wife). This is so disrespectful, and disgusting that she is lying to you. Stay strong and honestly take some serious time to reflect. I don’t know your wife but from what you posted… it’s a pretty low life thing to do. If you caught her doing this now, chances are she’s done shady things in the past with out you knowing.


I decide to not log in for a day and shit happens…fucking wierd…

I would comment on a certain someone’s situation but I’m just some random asshole on the internet, that being said it’s so not my place, and I dont have all the information nor all the answers anything I’d have to say would just be armchair garbage being that I’m not there…

My Personal experience:

I’ve had a gf break up with me and she gave me some cliche bullshit reason, but I think it was because what I was giving to her wasnt good enough in order keep that shit on lock, I tried making up for it in other ways

It’s later on that I’ve found out that

It seemed that I just wasnt vested enough and everything felt like a routine, I thought I could just skeet by on mediocrity…but I was wrong and I tried to change my ways, but it didnt work because I was still the same person trying to pretend to be someone that I’m not, and she just grew tired of me…at least that’s what she thought

In hindsight I think that it didnt work out because we both expected each other to fulfill some stupid fantasy of what is ideal because neither of us knew what we wanted in a relationship in order to be happy, either that or she thought I was the unicorn and lost interest because I wasn’t her unicorn

But that’s life different people see different things in people…

It is what is…

I’m ok though this was years ago

Disclaimer do not take life advice from other peoples posts on the internet…


Fucking hurts to hear, man. I could kill over something like this

(my wife says she would too, to be fair, and I respect that)


I’ve had many a cheating girlfriend and wife, but I think the wife didn’t consider it cheating because she had gone back to her own country. No one seems to respect monogamy anymore if they ever did. You just have to decide if it’s a deal breaker and plot an escape from them and their bullshit. If you have joint bank accounts, take your half out and put it somewhere else.


I’m in a long term open/polyamorous relationship with my SO. We were both monogamous “by default” before deciding to open it up - about 15 years ago now. Our reasons for opening up were complex (I don’t think it’s ever simple), - but my point is, that an open relationship can work if everyone involved are open, honest and dedicated to making it work.

A major betrayal of trust is not an ideal place to start, of course, and I realise that this might not be what you want right now.

…but if you should end up deciding to go for it, I can personally recommend reading “The Ethical Slut”, and discussing it as you go. Talk about trust, stds, sex-fantasies and what you want your future life together to be like (if anything). The book was written specifically for this purpose, and you don’t have to agree with the viewpoints of the authors in order to benefit from it:

Best wishes.


Therein lies the issue, probably. Some people would rather be backstabbers and nothing hurts more than being betrayed