Things that piss you off the most


I think you have conflated trolling and having a normal debate into the same thing. Try looking up the definition of trolling on google. I thank you for giving me permission to carry on, how generous of you @Roo_Stercogburn.




You are part of this too now, it was your choice to post that. Why if you are so above it? Having to throw in your two cents is aiding the beating of the dead horse. Your hand is on the bat like @Roo_Stercogburn ‘s and mine are.


I guess I’ll have to restart my feud with Thom then, just so we don’t feel left out of this thread.
More on topic, I work on the eight floor and for the second day in a row two out of four lifts were not working.
Tired of waiting, today I took the stairs again just to die halfway through.


And even though it was really hateful, and I really hope (don’t think you did) you didn’t take it personally, I genuinely enjoyed that back and forth. I read through it about 5 or six times. Really great emotional mixed with witty and reserved content. Outstanding.


Brogner and thom silenced until Thursday (so 2 days). While I am less involved than some of the other mods, I have less patience for self-serving BS.

Get your behaivour under control or get lost.


Jesus, this place fucking sucks. I quit


You too?


Strangely, nobody around here gets moderated for talking about music.


I envision a dedicated thread where if you get upset with anyone you can call them out and post a link to a song that express how you feel, the insulted party would be free to reply in the same way.





get a room you two!
all others




Visionary! I love this idea!

It means one would need to think hard before responding…



…the fuque just happen…?




im in the middle of making an album (its sound designy idm shitcore) and i managed to damage my right ear drum, as a result now everything sounds off center, thats what i get for mixing at max volume and playing with the stereo field, fml

#first world problems


Being married?


it’s a process. forever ongoing, and many valleys, but if the love and respect is there…? worth it.