Things that piss you off the most


I guess I can live with that. Until the next person posts another clearly political post.


I know you’re a fucking hypocrite.

The problem is YOU, assholestein. You’re a fucking moron. And you’re an admin. Fuck you/this place.


You’re breaking my heart.
Feel free to delete your account when you leave, so for once this won’t look like yet another of Thom’s token tantrums, but it will look like you meant it.

You don’t need an account to check the forum so you can still come back here anytime, realise how your teeny tiny fits of rage meant nothing, how little you mattered and how utterly pointless it was to scream and shout at someone living somewhere else in the globe.

Or you can make another account in the future, if you do, please hit me up, I will be super happy to bring back my benevolent father attitude, it really seems to trigger you.

Wish you all the best Thom, may your rage lead you to great success.


Right, that sounded very heartfelt. Yes you are a fucking hypocrite. A two-faced, weak-minded fucking cocksucker.

Go fuck yourself and die.


SO you want more?

Do you really?

BTW your fatherly, self-righteous arrogant bullshit is exactly what is driving this fucking place in the dirt… It’s people like YOU, people fucking worse than Nazis themselves, that are steering the whole fucking western world right in the fucking dumpster.

You’re SUCH a fucking retarded fucking piece of shit… wow.


I’m in a bit of pickle, somebody flagged all your posts as Inappropriate, I will leave the decision to some other mod.

I had lots of fun with you today Thom, you’ve been really entertaining and I truly enjoyed playing “feeding the troll”.
I appreciate that in your stupidity and self-righteousness you failed to see that I was just playing with you.

I apologise to everyone else, sorry for the show, I felt like having a bit of fun.

Honest question though, if you hate this place so much, why are you here exactly?
You do not post anything music-related and all your post (I think, I couldn’t bother checking your history) are all shit-stirring posts, so really, why are you here?


So you did?

Yes. You are that type of person.


Honest question though, if you hate this place so much, why are you here exactly?


Because I used to care about what it used to be before you decided it was your right to fuck it all up.

Go ahead and delete my account.


Well someone certainly had a busy weekend on the forum. I spent most of it either making music or with family. Ridiculous music, but music nonetheless.

Time was this would just be a fart in a teacup. Wind the necks in please chaps.


damn, this thread got title checked lol.



That’s the most British thing I’ve read in ages.


The Queens English is truly colorful and poetic.


Didn’t think my summary History of 20th Century Geopolitics would break the thread… after all the name of the thread implies you can have a short rant about … well… things that piss you off…

That guy :clown_face: really pissed me off! :japanese_goblin: and he was so rude to @Brogner

:clown_face: needed a little schooling… :man_teacher:

My apologies if others felt anything I said was out of line…



It seems to me that when people start treating others like shit, well it’s because they don’t have an argument and subconsciously direct the conversation down the toilet. I see it mostly on twitter but it pops up virtually anywhere. Thanks buddy!


Deciding not to waste time on the kind of pseudo-intellectual garble you seem to regard as “political arguments”, doesn’t mean that we’re somehow unable to construe rational arguments ourselves. Most of us have simply made a habit out of not discussing politics with badly educated know-it-alls.


But clearly you feel threatened or attacked by something because you choose to attack me personally.

That is the mark of someone who is emotionally stunted, or arrogant. They post some off the cuff, shoot from the hip garbage that isn’t true and then attack anyone who says… wait a minute that’s not entirely true.

Look at you, you are attacking someone right now. Who attacks other people just because they are “smarter” than them. You are full of shit. Go stroke your ego somewhere else, preferably out of sight of the public.

Literally all I said was Trump doesn’t want to go to war, and that is “pseudo intellectual”. Get real.


@Brogner You like trolling, you just use a lot of words to do it and give it the veneer of reasonable discussion.

Don’t think it actually fools anyone.

But sure, keep the amusement going.


my hip is twisting inward on its right side and my ribs twist in the opposite direction, it pisses me off because I cant run as fast as i want to, because of the muscular tension that causes this, i should stretch more often…


Having acute tonsillitis for the last two weeks, where every swallow, feels like swallowing down you’re own diced carrots. Add to that an ear infection, which means I can’t wear my cans, so probs out of the IDMF House and Beat Battle Royale. Hoping for some improvements in the next few days.