Things that piss you off the most


Not pissed off by that more so the fact that have and still feel like I’m doing what I ain’t supposed to be doing…


Fax machines. It’s 2019. Seriously, accept a fucking email.


Lol, what happened to the pissed off thread? Get yer own politicz thread nerds

I didn’t come here to laigh but you guys did it again :smiley:


Ok kiddos, do you time this down yourself or do you want daddy to lock the thread for a bit?


Are we violating any specific rules, or is this just a nuisance?


First of all, habby fodder’s day.

Second of all, can you quarantine them to their own ISIS thread so we can get on with being pissed off?


Seriously, both of you, chill while I finish my Sunday breakfast. Also @xFREDxDURST I only father kittens.


Oh, I absolutely can relate to that ^^

Still, grand to get something like that - sounds like an epiphany. Don’t fight your future, you can do it, we are right behind you :wink:


Mostly a nuisance, I woke up to plenty of people flagging this thread and once again, lo and behold, politics are involved and you are involved, so I’m deleting the whole political part of the thread. If you and @ablablablablabla want to continue your amazing and educating conversation, take it to PM.


I’m happy that I’m the first thing you think about when you wake up :slight_smile:


Lmao this place is so fucking pathetic.

People are not allowed to discuss.

The only shit allowed is daddy role-playing retardation. And it’s apparently funny.

Fuck this place to hell.


I just don’t understand why with all the options available people would choose to have a 2-way conversation about politics on a music forum.
I’m sure you can find people on Reddit or anywhere else who will be happy to reply line-by-line to your comment, post proof that their opinion is right and show you millions of facts that will prove you wrong beyond any doubt.
There was a dedicated politics thread, it was turned to a cesspit.

Also, speaking of paternalistic behaviour, you remind of my cat Mae, as soon as there’s possible trouble, she shows up. She usually ends up being picked up and petted which annoys and pleases her in equal measure, shall I rub your chin Thom? Would you like a nice tummy rub?

Oh my, am I feeding the local troll here?


You’re a fucking idiot, Auto.

They remain 2-way convos because you delete everything before it evolves into something else, you fucking idiot. “I dont understand so I dont accept it. So I delete it.” What a fucking retard you are. You embody everything about fascism. The politics thread… you were expecting what? Something “nice” where people sing kumbaya or some shit?

Fuck your cat Mae. Fuck you. You’re a fucking idiot. A useless, vain fucking idiot. You’re a vandal.


I was expecting a more articulated reply from you, My Dear Thom.
Father Auto is disappointed, please be a good boy and go back to your room to meditate about your behaviour.
I’ll just have a coffee while you write yet another angry rant completely void of irony or value.
Read you soon.


Please give mae a scritch for know how i love cats.
Now…what the fuck?
this thread pisses me off.


Come on discord if you want to talk. But I get it… you’re fucking terrified and wouldn’t dare.


I think you either allow all political posts, or no political posts. Clearly talking politics is something that interests many on this forum. I respond because I like talking politics and it’s interesting to see how others think and argue. It takes two to tango, so I am not the sole person responsible for these political shit shows.


What about music that is political?


My girlfriend just told me not to put her Apple Watch on my dick. That pissed me the fuck off


@thom no thanks, I do not have time or interest in interacting with you. I prefer lolling and trolling you. Why are you even here anyway? Apart from ranting and complaining you do not post anything else, you keep complaining this place is shit, yet you keep coming back? Do you love our toxic relationship so much? Or do you feed on a sense of superiority when you see the normal post of boring people on here?
@Brogner: I know that people like to talk politics and if you remember I reopened the shit politics thread to give that discussion a space, just to have to close it again a few months later as it kept drawing complains. I’m not blaming you only.
@ablablablablabla: Most music is politics.