Things that piss you off the most


To be fair when i was in Paris that time i saw you I had a macdonalds and honestly French Maccies is fucking disgraceful.


this is like comparing sucking your grandpa’s cock or your grandpa’s balls. maccies be maccies. I took one bite off a burger here in chicago that just felt like one mushy sauce and bread bar.
have “french tacos” reached your side of the sea?


No they havent. Whats the story there? I like a burger king. I like a donner pizza! I am a mucky man. Im also having falafel and quinoa for tea. Life is gnuts


french tacos are basically meat and fat rolled inside a burrito tortilla, extra fries, no fibers added, hard thick shits guaranteed


Weirdly enough I just met a french-born spanish guy yesterday while I’m visiting Dallas. He said he’ll never move to his home country because (from what he says) good mexican food just isn’t a thing there.

I’m pretty surprised to hear that honestly, I thought Tacos were a global force.


yeah mexican food is not common at all around France. French tacos are nothing like tacos, and I have no idea why they’re even called tacos to begin with. They’re more of an extension of kebab wraps. Cause that’s one thing you’ll find a lot in France: kebabs. Everywhere kebabs. Kebab this kebab that kebab everything. But no pineapple kebab unlike they do it in Germany.


The thing is there are no Mexicans in europe at all really. I guess if they want to leave Mexico then they go to the US. 10 years ago there was zero Mexican food to be found in the UK. Now there is a few places you can get it if you search. Not where i live though :frowning:


I sold my DFAM today and its the first time ive sold something I actually didnt want to sell. Its the wrong time to be selling them too.

I also spent 180 quid on chuffin 1/4 inch jack cables :face_vomiting:

I know for a fact that over the years ive seen it posted on many different advice threads that you need to remember to budget for cables as people always forget but here we are.

Honestly just stay ITB or you will spend all your time spending money on miscellaneous stuff and all your time managing the stuff you bought

Shit day


What annoys the shit out of me is SJWs who run around yelling at white men calling them cis this and toxic that and then bitching about how none of them showed up at their all lady rallies. Uh, you fucking hate us…sooo…fuck off maybe? Seriously, fuck your identity politics.


If you call them SJWs tho it sounds like youre not into being nice to everybody and equality and shit

Which I reckon you probably are


Oh lord. Not this again.


political shitpost thread volume 4 = death of forums

i reckon that in some cases those who are aiming to be a social justice warrior are just jumping on the latest philosophical fad…no use because peoples feelings makes people think about reasons and stuff and how we should think about those feelings towards the reasons people think of to explain the feelings that they have towards stuff…

in the end it will be exploited just like every other ideological political movement before it…


Walked into a retro game store today in Dallas, quite a nice selection of original boxed Genesis / Megadrive titles.

Me: “good selection guys, what do you base your pricing on?”

Store: “thanks we price them fair off price

Me: “oh sweet, I use that to price my games too!”

Store: “yeah and then we add $5 per each title because you know, you can see them physically and touch them and stuff”

Me: “each game? Even the $4 carts?”

Store: “yeah.”


The fuck?


Identity politics is inherently racist to begin with. It looks at people through a lens of skin color and gender vs character and merit.

It’s destructive and divisive.


Jesus fuck right on cue :disappointed:




OK, let’s be pissed off by something else now. :stuck_out_tongue:



Social media
Cameras on every corner
$7.25 minimum wage
Rich crybabies
predatory lending
price gouging
Flavored coffee
No smoking…FUCK YOU!
Angry drunks(see cops)
Bad cops
Worse judges
tutorials that teach only buy my product
electronic musicians who should not be electronic music makers
Political correctness
people getting hurt is somehow funny
medication that makes me gain weight


Rix always calling the real shit