Things that piss you off the most


I gotta scare I restarted the comp and it works fine…only the right channel was playing on my headphones i tested my backup pair and it was the same but I restarted the comp aNd it works fine now…


Congestion pricing, tolls, mta fares, wtf it’s like that scifi movie with justin Timberlake, about time


Waking up, stretching, and then whamo…calf cramps up. Stays locked up for a good minute before releasing.

Now it hurts just straightening my leg out.


It must be something with the toilets in the US, I have to brush the skid marks absolutely every time I go



drink more water.
i speak from experience.


I ordered a new office chair from Amazon a couple of weeks ago but it never turned up. When i asked the seller where it was they decided to give me the tracking number that claimed it was delivered last Friday. I asked them to open a claim but haven’t heard anything from them since.

Fast forward to a couple of hours ago, I get a call from a 15th century tavern 2 miles down the road saying they have it.

Don’t use Yodel.


When i think i have found an informational tutorial i want to peruse ,only to find its a commercial for some product or add-on i don’t need. WTF?


found out that my new “Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16” can`t output midi clock, only midi notes :flushed:


Sorry but a bidet is unamerican


That’s got nothing to do with bidet!
When you’re done, you grab that little brush next to the loo and brush away if needed.
Said that, I noticed that US loos are shaped differently than the vastly superior European ones, so the 2 things might be related.

IDMf: a history in toilet culture.


well I had a bad day. The worst part of the day was the fact that I had to have my car towed from my place of work to the town where I live - 210.00 dollars. The problem with my car might be around 500.00 dollars, and I have to get a rent a car for the time being. This is why I have a rainy day fund.


Oof, that makes for a pain in the ass of a day. Good luck man, hopefully it’s easy and swimmingly repairs :slight_smile:


renting a car for one week… 500 big ones lol. When life hits you in the nuts, it does not hold back.


does your insurance cover at least the cost of repair ? I’ve never owned a car so I don’t know what’s possible


No. At least in the US, auto insurance covers things that happen to the car (to varying degrees, depending on the coverage), not the failing of the car itself. You can buy separate car repair insurance, but it’s pricey and rarely worth it.


I pay the for the lowest legal amount of coverage… so basically if I got into an accident with someone, they will be paid off and I will be buying a new car. I buy cheap used cars and run them until the wheels fall off. Just picked up this bad boy for 3900… not bad and I can use if for yard work.


Been a while since this fuck got bumped… anyways…

So the Burger King app now allows college kids to enter in the total amount owed of their student loans as part of their transaction, or account history (as told in America). Now as part of this incentive, BK is stating they can now “randomly” pick winners and pay for up to $250,000 of their student loans as a new promotion.

Don’t buy healthy food, place your bets !


Taco bell is now opening up their own resort for a while… instagram influencers getting fat with fast food swag in a scabby california resort for a while also…

The fuck? Orwell is beyond rolling in his grave. Surveillance and Advertising are now merging into such high priority, corporations are investing in having fast food restaurants design lifestyles around social media with their products.

I mean I do eat at these establishments once and a while. Being American is weird sometimes.


My presonus Firestudio died today… :’(

She did me good, almost hit the 10 year mark.

Fuck, I wasn’t ready to shell out for another interface yet.

RIP, I definitely got my $700 out of her.


Who even eats at Mcdonalds anymore? Somehow they keep making profit