Things that piss you off the most


it’s not as bad as it sounds. Looks like it ripped off most of my nail along with some of the nail bed without actually exposing the bone.

Wasn’t certain what kind of damage I actually did when I wrote the last post because my neighbour very kindly patched me up and took me to A&E before I could take a good look at it. Thanked him with a crate of cider.


Are we talking homemade body modification?
Why would anyone want to have square thumbs


Blade runner is not about lightsabers fuuuuuuuuuu…


IBS sucks


I thought IBS blew


True story, I have the sucking kind and I’d rather it just blew sometimes instead


Windows 10 updates…have to reinsert all my vst licences…reinstall korg midi driver…
fuuuuuu…reactivate ableton…reactivate welll everything…no midi…no midi whatsoever…
spend most of the day trying to get it to work…NOPE NO MIDI FOR YOU!


Where to begin. Kids crossing the street after leaving school at slime speed. So called “friends” that make promises and break them. Gold diggers. People calling me when I’m in the studio making music and keep calling me after I didn’t answer the first time. Poor internet connection, specially if I pay $120 a month for high speed internet.


I’m missing the smiley face that offs himself. Sad little guy.


anarchists on facebook


yes he will be missed! i had frequent flyer miles with that emoji.


Highlander icky thump


When you are eating food and there’s food in your mouth and you sneeze and the food in your mouth gets expunged all over the place because you sneezed.



These fucks. Invaded my condo complex this year, constantly honking and hissing at me while blocking my way to the car. Dickholes


I need to do this more… I have a tendency to wait until I physically hit a wall … not healthy.



I’m against animal cruelty until animals are cruel to you… then it’s fair game


it’s about time the air farce de classified such an important public safety hazard.
in other news.i could give a fetid dingo’s kidneys…moving on…


I think my soundcard is going
on my laptop :<


What is it doing?