Things that piss you off the most



What topic do you teach?


I teach “first year writing”…so basic essay writing. The topics are more or less whatever I want them to be…this is the article in question


You can make the same argument for music, and the same argument for art.

Something written Beethoven or Mozart would not have been thought of by Bach

Things written in the romantic period would not have been thought about by Beethoven or Mozart

Blues would not have been thought about by any type of western “classical” composer.

And today’s music… is more about sound design and production mixed with harmony coming second.

Things change and people challenge old norms.

To suggest that it’s making people stupid is in itself stupid.

To suggest Americans are dumb simply because they are making use of a tool common to everyone just seems like you are not getting your way lol

The real thing story

Technology changes… people don’t


Here I’ll make a similar claim.

People who use launch pads to create music are stupid


Because real music made by smart people that gives you a sense of deep thinking is written by hand with a quil and parchment, and you have to have had a formal musical education your entire life too. And you have to have amazing piano chops.

This is how I read the article


I tried googling ‘goolge’ and didn’t get any info on that topic.


Did you try what is google?

I’m sure there is a proverb somewhere about asking the right questions is what leads you to success… but I’m to lazy to google it atm


This is why I’ve always said there’s no amount of high end gear or simple purchase that will make people a great musician.

And on that note, some of the best tunes I made were with simple free software, base samples, and a desire to use as much FX and expriment as I could.

It’s all in the mind and willpower to create.

Limitation is sometimes the best ground for education.


I agree 100%

Stupid people are going to use the new technology

Smart people are going to use the new technology

New technology does not make people stupid


I think you’d have a hard time finding anywhere in the United States where taco trucks are not the norm these days. I can’t walk a city block with ten of them being on every corner. Of course Austin is probably flush with those due to the prevailing street food culture that’s sweeping the newly-gentrified areas.


is this thing on?..haloooooo?


Elmer’s glue subbing in for sour cream yhahahahaha


Numerical, you should be glad. L.A. outlawed food (carts) because they hate happiness.

Sorry about your dead tabby cat, Nostromer. Mine is still going strong and he’s not quite as fat. Good on you for still digging a hole in the ground. I buried two dogs with a pick axe back in Austin as the ground is so rocky there. Only way to say goodbye.


Thanks man. Yeah. It’s a morbid experience with a lot of work. Sorry to hear about your doggos. I wish I had a pickaxe. Ground is fairly tough around these parts too.

Also, LA outlawed food trucks? whaaaa…

I just learned in Salt Lake there’s a Raclette food truck. Fuckin’ incredible. SO much good french food smothered in melted raclette cheese.

I’m hungry now…


Right now: being broke :weary:

Saving the world isn’t first in mind when stomach is growling and most of the energy is consumed by stressing the shit out


Apparently Comcast has a data cap of 1TB per month, which I somehow managed to hit. That is the dumbest shit I’ve heard all week


yeah,i tether my phone.specifically because i have "unlimited"data.
actually its capped at 60 gb. wtf?thats not unlimited.:rage:


Cut the end of my thumb off today. Trying to work out how to get the motor on a an rc plane working, felt the prop hit me so turned it off and noticed my thumb now ended at where my nail begins. Don’t pay enough attention to my surroundings more and more lately and i’m not even 30 yet. :+1:


Dude, that’s so gnarly. Were they able to save it?! ! :X Ouchhhhhh


Im Musically burnedout


me too friend. Me too. I haven’t even started on my 3rd city at worlds end album and it’s been like two years. Fuck