Things that piss you off the most


So…Taco Bell.

i haven’t watched TV for more than 10 minutes at a time in probably 20 years. I hate it - I can feel the dumb seeping into my brain and literally all of the content either bores or infuriates me, and I’m convinced it’s one of the prime factors for where the western world has ended up. So I haven’t had cable in probably 17-18 years.

Because of this, I can’t eat at Taco Bell. Everything on their menu is a made up word, and because I don’t watch TV and thus don’t watch commercials, I don’t know what the fuck a gorlupa or churito or whatever ficticous culturally co-opted bullshit they’re hocking this week is. Also, as my wife likes to point out, literally everything at Taco Bell tastes like Taco Bell, because it’s all made with the same 7 ingredients. I’m not much of a fan of that flavor, anyway.

Say what you want about immigration, I’m happy to have three legit taco trucks between my house and fast food that will sell me some homemade, authentic abodabo or lengua for half the price of a Doritio-Pepsi-AdultSwim branded ‘burrito’.



I’m so fucking sick of myself.


The brilliance of taco bell is defo their ability to just rearrange ingredients lol.


Hah, this thread will be perfect. I sent a PM to a buddy of mine via Soundcloud and suddenly got logged out. I tried to log in, but to no avail - SC keeps saying my account has been removed. From what I’ve seen there’s a bunch of people who had the exact same problem. Did anyone here experience the same kind of issue as well? I wrote to their support team, let’s see what they can do, but yeah, this pissed me off a bit.


food in beard


wut about chipotle


well, at taco bell they try to convince you it is a “new item” …chipotle is make yer own mess…the marketing is the distinction I am drawing…if that makes sense…also chipotle…christ…just the tortilla is 300 calories…


wtf chipotle?

seriously, do they not have taco trucks or taquerias where you guys live?


we rarely get chipotle, we have all kinds of proper Mexican restaurants that are relatively cheap. Frankly, besides the tip or alcohol, it is about the same price to eat out there as it to eat at Chipotle.


Hadn’t been to the dentist in 6 years. I felt like I maintained a pretty good set of chompers, but apparently I needed a super deep cleaning. Like, 5mm deep into all of my gums… basically facefucked by needles and ultrasonic screetch-blaster hoses.

It started in OK, and then my dentist office started playing country music the entire time.

…there’s certain levels of hell I never knew existed until today…


would they not give you some nitrous for that?!?!


they offered halfway through but I declined- FOR SOME REASON - idk. I also had to go to work right after, so - that was + enjoyable


well I can understand if you had to go back to work


The last time I went to the dentist I distinctly remember being splashed in the face with my own blood repeatedly. Rule #1 for me is to ask for all of the anti-anxiety drugs immediately, because going in raw isn’t really all that cool once you’ve done it enough times


6:57am - Friday Morning - 3/1/2019

Loads a long stem from a modular session from the prev. weekend. Start cutting it up. 3rd sample in… you notice the noise floor. Then you start dropping your samples in pitch. The noise floor gets worst… you start to grunt in annoyance… you go to chop up more… it gets worse later in the 14 minute file… Alt + 4 and make an emo post on IDMf… fucking happy friday Mad Cunts.


I have weapons grade carintas taco farts today.



You never expect when it’s gonna happen. Did a welfare check up on my cats while my parents were out of town, as they are fostering them for now.

Found my fat tabby cat died. Likely a heart attack. Fucking sucks… I mean, I’m glad it was me that found him - but spending this rainy wednesday at 9AM in the backyard digging a 3’ hole to bury this 30lb fatass has me pretty gutted. That guy got me through a lot of really hard times.

RIP my fat prince, his name was Rupert. Roo for short. (Yeah, funny correlation I know).

:beers: Rupert, you’ll be missed.


Sorry to hear that.condolences man,i know what its like to lose beloved furry friends.


When you just want to shitpost, post shit, literally… I got internet in my life again but my life sucks however I just had a great idea after having a classic phantom poo: Let’s go on idmfor… um… umm guys?! What are these emoji’s? What is this beige box with orange writing in it… I CAN’T SEE SHIT… Props on getting the site back up and running but damn what is with this beige box? I can’t even post a fucking Troll face…

… and we’re back in the room…

I know I’ll chill and listen to some old beat batt… fml… I’m not even going to ask about soundcloud widgets…


I just want to say however stupid the rest of the world thinks most Americans are, you are right. Like…I have a adult fucking students that can’t even read and comprehend an article from the Atlantic (no slight on them, just an example). They think “research” is typing two words into goolge and saying “well, no info on that topic!”.

Jesus fucking Christ, someone please come take over our country!