Things that piss you off the most


Well, myself, RFJ, Auto and Roo. I know I’m the most visibly active, but pretty much everyone else is paying attention behind the scenes : )

edit: well, I guess Auto, RFJ and Roo have all been admins for a while so yea…whatever…the admin team new and old members want more community projects stuff : )

At least for myself, I don’t think most young musicians go to forums for production info anymore, so for the forum to thrive we need to offer something else.


You see what happens when you have pond life nestle in and make a dying forum their home? They push away the good people that you would want to attract to a community


Lmao I’m just fucking around.


You always post the most positive things


Thats a clever guy right there guys. Take note


I respect a good senses of humor.


One particular shitposter (who will not be named) would also like to see people do the community stuff, but is too lazy to do so themselves


If youre gonna call me out why dont you just call me out you weirdo


I think I’m making myself sick by ingesting too much dairy


I’ve been there, it’s a slippery slope


That no matter how much I try to avoid getting sick, if the wife comes home with something contagious, i’m surely fucked. Plague world again. Fuckkkkkk


Stop reading the damn diary then!!!

Oh wait.


The feeling that comes when you get really inspired, start a track and have to leave it unfinished because of work or something like that.


All you have to do is hold your breath for like 72 hours and you’re golden

I feel so lucky. I just ate a pound of cheese the other day and all that happened is I tooted once


Lemme guess it was a cheese quesadilla wrapped around a taco with a burrito stuffed inside


Dont you make shit up I cant have. Because I NEED that shit in my life. Also angioplasty…


I think taco bell served something similar could just make it yourself lololol


Tme…it goes by so quickly.
and adds weight i don’t want.



Taco bell is sacred!!

As a vegetarian it was literally the only fast food a decade ago I could pick up easily.

Many bad dietary decisions made there

and on topic: things that piss me off the most? TIMED RELEASES. the fuckin’ NACHO FRIES should be a mainstay of Tbell FOREVER. I hate they keep removing them and bringing them back at incrementally higher prices.