Things that piss you off the most


I’m not black first off lmao I’m just making a note over a lack of diversity.


I wouldn’t presume to tell someone else how to feel about something I have no experience with.


I was going off of the picture you posted (that is not posted anymore) where you captioned you are going to make it off of your style in the industry and you are standing next to two garbage cans.


That’s not how the world works in 2019. If he has good music, he will rise to the top. It has nothing to do with skin color or appearance.


Also you are saying you are giving up music because you are being pushed out of an industry taken over by rich white people. Usually the best artists stop writing music because it has become mainstream. Not the other way around


Alright. Well, that settles that.


No I understand man I get that a lot haha, I’m Hispanic. And I had to remove the picture due to occupational reasons.

But to elaborate on my comment. I’m not going to say electronic music is racist it’s far from it. It’s one of the most safest spaces for people regardless of creed, sexuality, etc. However where our agreements diverge is from the point “good music gets you plays”.

I digress. My most favorite songs have 50 views on SoundCloud, honestly producers on here are far superior from a technical stand point and compositional standpoint than what trends. As much as we dream of free market capitalism, sadly these artist as good as their work is are not famous.

If you wanna know why I feel left out, is because some labels in NYC are literally 95% white people. Even if we were accounting for the fact that whites are the majority in this country, mathematically it doesn’t make sense.

So for me my litmus test is of course to see if people of my creed are in the scene. And honestly it scare. Boiler Room did a feature of Hispanic techno producer so I’m sure there is a fit for me. But when the scene looks full of only bald white men it could feel discouraging to try lmao.

But you’re right I should keep going regardless.


I can explain it this way too, I think you will agree with it

If the fate of your career hangs in the balance due to a lack of an interview, or even the color of your skin… I think it is a safe bet that the music can be worked harder and more knowledge can be obtained.

Do you disagree with this? I think It seems pretty fair

That may be the case and cool for you to really go out there and search for your ideal musical taste. You might be one of the few who have that exact taste though.

Country Music is 95% white people

German Polka Music i’m sure is 95% white people

Blues and Jazz for a long time was 90% Black People, however majority of THE GREATEST blues and jazz players of all time are black

Rap is 80% black people

Grindcore and death metal is 95 percent white

Some of the best video game music ever written was written by japanese

EDM in america is dominated by White People

I don’t see how it has to do with racial segregation and more about what interests people

I am white and I will happily admit that my music is not even close enough to being on a label. I am smart, I study music constantly, writing daily, I know and accept that I have a shit ton top learn. That’s it.


I do share your annoyance for a chick who plays mediocre music but is getting spot light because she is a chick and has a nice backside, but people like that fall by the wayside all the time. People catch on.


I feel like we are talking about something different now…but…yea sure you can always work harder and learn more, but that doesn’t translate to any guarantees in any realm of human existence. Having good music is a great start, but this idea that having good music means it’ll get heard or monetized is patently false in my mind. And that is exactly the statement you made earlier–if the music is good nothing else matters. Untrue. I’d even go so far as to call that, plainly, naive.

But I’m done now. No offense intended, but you enjoy arguing on the internet 1000% more than I do.


Yesterday was my Birthday, so thank you for entertaining me @relic


wait so you aren’t that black kid who was in the photo you posted in the photos subforum?


I saw this too, it definitely existed at least a week ago


no that was me…
yeah so…good and you?


Numerous YT video links in my library getting constantly deleted.

Such a shame… especially the well made video edit ones.


And that the new IDMf being slow af. hell the only side room thread that has some vigor to it is the shit politics thread…

This is not a complaint to anyone, but a mere observation.

Guess the edm fab is long gone now.


The Discord is where a lot of the banter takes place, pretty active these days.

New IDMf is at least way more active than the slow months before the collapse of the old forum. I think in my observation it’s picking back up,…

… and it’s not like any of us are out there really promoting the site. I try to though. I’ve sent quite a few messages to my soundcloud buddies trying to get them to come over.

Let’s all spam the net with our nefarious lair of shitposting

edit and the LB is still as active as ever, and that was one of the largest places on the old forum. i actually think each submission gets more feedback quickly than previously.


FWIW, the new admin team would love to see more activity in community projects. A lot of the users have taken up that challenge, the BB crew, nostromer and Vlantis have started some cools stuff there. I think the site being down did purge a lot of users. Looking at the user list we do have that solid crew from the old forum when it went down. People are slowly finding their way back : )

There is a new Netlabel Compilation, hoping that will stir up some activity.

As for the discourse…personally it just isn’t my style…I’m an old school forum junky from back in the day…my first internet experience was Compuserve lol


By saying “the new admin team” are you just referring to your self @relic?


I’m not black…

edit: Imma be a little less active on here


Oh, I was just asking because you posted a photo of who I presumably thought was yourself in that thread… no harm no foul bro. Tons of members like to remain anonymous on here, don’t feel like you need to be less active!