The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


technically it’s a re-recording of 2000’s Clayman but it’s sooo terrible. Why would they do that? Production here is like some butt rock anthem. Guitar tone and especially the solo part sounds hilarious. It’s sad because IF once was an amazing band but this is such an unnecessary cashing in and it ruins their legacy works. WHYYYY


Thanks, reddit. This guy is a gold mine of embarrassing shit.


Amazing. That managed to sound like it was coming through my cellphone when I was in fact playing it on my living room bose.


I’m still not quite sure how this track ended up on the single of Rose Of Jericho…


What the hell is this? It sounds like a demo. Everything is so sterile and neat

I think I read somewhere that they’ve re-recorded like half the album for this. If you’re going to do something like that, just record the whole thing. What a half-assed attempt at everything imaginable

And the only original member is the vocalist IIRC, and even he wasn’t the first technical IF vocalist. The whole thing is a sham, this is a dystopia we’re living in


Old man cash grab.



yeah, that was freaking awful. Thanks. :slight_smile:


that is not horrible, that is epic. Maybe I just listened to too much Weird Al when I was a kid…

yeah, must have, cause I still like this:


It’s even better when you have literally no idea of what he’s parodying


Well apparently this band / label ignored the onslaught of negative YT comments and released this pile of shit anyway. Demo quality, obvious melodyne / autotune use and all.


basically any genre of music built around cutesy anime characters…totally sickening


the wrong side of the 90’s



Piep kick music

It just screams extremely low IQ


worst band ever continues to remain the worst.


hahaha wtf is up with that voice, I blame the sound engineer who gave that a pass
the guitar solo just emphasizes how fucking boring this song is


No, you don’t get it. Working with CHRIS BARNES himself! Can you imagine that?! It’s like being in a same room with a real metal GOD! It’s the guy from Cannibal Corpse!!

Nah tbh they all were stoned or drunk and let it slide. “We ran out studio booking time” they probably said. Then engineers were like “at least I’m getting paid” and kept Barnes entertained with pot for a bit. Must be weird knowing everything sucks but still enabling it because artist wants it that way. “So Barnes wants to wrap everything up today, I guess we just leave it as it is since he doesn’t care and just sits on a couch all day.”

It’s not SFU’s first time. And with a label, I know Metal Blade is a low hanging fruit but the only thing that holds this band it’s just brand name and this legacy and connection from old days. Too bad Youtube comments are disabled, people can really come up with great insults.


Sounds like me failing at death metal singing.

Hey man I’m tone deaf too…

But not completely.


They can stop the comments, but they can’t stop the reaction videos