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I have to hear country music all the time at my job. I swear to god, modern country music is the worst type of music that’s popular (albeit mostly in rural America)

It’s music that celebrates rural people’s closed-minded way of life/thinking. Every single negative stereotype about rural people is confirmed/glorified by it. As a person who lives out in the countryside I absolutely despise that this music is so popular out here.

Even if you put aside the lyrical themes of the music, it’s still godawful because it’s the same chord progression in every chorus. A lot of modern pop production does this as well, but at least there’s some variation to the instrumentation and the lyrics. With Country it’s like

“I’m so proud to live in my small town, let’s go to a bar and drink” (twangy guitar) “I’ll love you till the day I die darlingggggg, my jeans and my pickup truck!” (Same chord progression)

Uhm…yeah I probably have an unwarranted hatred of this type of music.


Corporate bro country is the worst, agree. It’s like they use this one template file and change things a bit. It’s all manufactured in same studio or something that involves them checking this list of things what to include. It’s very generic, stock, inoffensive with this only goal to get it on radio stations and be “relatetable”

It might be laughable at first how crappy that entire scene is but I feel you. Because of your location it surrounds you with not much of escape. And they all also bandwaggon what’s trending nowadays so you have trap beats too! shudders

lol 6-pack. “hell yeah I drink beer too! those guys are so meee!”


Ugh…yeah, the trap beats…

…Tractor rap. :weary:

The best way to cleanse the palate after country music for 8 hours is to come home from work and make hostile nonsensical noisy IDM beats on my laptop. Does the trick.

Also might be giving me hearing damage :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Opinion: the best “country” music band ever has nothing to do with “country music” as a genre.

16 HP/WovenHand/David Eugene Edwards absolutely rule.

Fun fact: I saw 16 HP twice back in the day, while in London, UK. They covered a Joy Division song - “24 hours”. It was absolutely fucking unreal, like time stopped or something. The crowd in the packed venue stayed totally silent the whole time, in shock. It was like having a different version of Ian Curtis singing to us. The place felt somewhat colder. Crazy goosebumps the whole time… and I was 100% sober that night (a rare thing back in those days) so I remember that otherworldly feeling very well. Incredible. So much respect for DEE.


I’m a huge 16HP/Wovenhand fan (despite not being a bit religious). I’m not sure how much I consider them country, more rooted in folk, but the music sure is magical.


Yup, I don’t consider them country either - more like from the countryside, if you will. And he’s (litteraly) the son of a preacherman (hence his extreme religiousity I suppose)… doesn’t get more grassroots Americana than that, right? :slight_smile:


16 horsepower is more like an americana version of a silver mount zion. A friend had given me their secret south album years ago, and I liked their style.

That bro country shit is the worse though. Horrible horrible culture. I’m happy it’s one thing from the US that hasn’t crossed the ocean.


technically it’s a re-recording of 2000’s Clayman but it’s sooo terrible. Why would they do that? Production here is like some butt rock anthem. Guitar tone and especially the solo part sounds hilarious. It’s sad because IF once was an amazing band but this is such an unnecessary cashing in and it ruins their legacy works. WHYYYY


Thanks, reddit. This guy is a gold mine of embarrassing shit.


Amazing. That managed to sound like it was coming through my cellphone when I was in fact playing it on my living room bose.


I’m still not quite sure how this track ended up on the single of Rose Of Jericho…


What the hell is this? It sounds like a demo. Everything is so sterile and neat

I think I read somewhere that they’ve re-recorded like half the album for this. If you’re going to do something like that, just record the whole thing. What a half-assed attempt at everything imaginable

And the only original member is the vocalist IIRC, and even he wasn’t the first technical IF vocalist. The whole thing is a sham, this is a dystopia we’re living in


Old man cash grab.



yeah, that was freaking awful. Thanks. :slight_smile:


that is not horrible, that is epic. Maybe I just listened to too much Weird Al when I was a kid…

yeah, must have, cause I still like this:


I remember a few years ago I played this at a bar

And it was as if someone had shit their pants somewhere in the bar. That was the ambiance after it.

All the bars around here suck anyway :yum:


It’s even better when you have literally no idea of what he’s parodying