The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0



I’m quite eclectic but the worst thing I ever heard was traditional Japanese music.,

It’s 40 BPM, screechingly loud, with tinny, loud out-of-tune instruments.


This would be close


just checked how 5FDP is doing nowadays



BrokeNcyde is still the thing to beat when it comes to bad music.

Reminds me of Attack Attack, but comparing the two, the Attack Attack guys are miles above that shit, and that’s really saying something. :rofl: The breakdown at 2:46 is a still amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Corey Feldman is fucking aces, but damn his music is bad. :stuck_out_tongue: Give the guy a break, I can’t imagine the horrible shit he’s gone through. He would probably be a cool guy to hang out with and be awesome to go to karaoke with, but maybe not broadcast that shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know any current stuff, so I’ll post this classic:

And still my most hated song ever, for totally biased reasons. Regardless, it’s still fucking horrible and the antithesis of artistic integrity. One girl from this group shaved her head and cried and apologized for having a boyfriend (corporate wouldn’t allow it), and people in Japan talked like that was a normal thing and very strong of her. The music is fucking shit, too.


Thank you! I was thinking about reopening that thread.

I had made a youtube playlist with some of the worst music hits from last edition


there’s so much of this shit. I thought they were isolated accidents, but now I’m thinking it must be an actual genre from the early 2010s


Shit like this is kind of a guilty pleasure to me honestly, a couple of my favorite bands are The Amity Affliction and The Plot In You. The drum production is always so tasty regardless of everything else, haha. as a drummer I cater to that kind of thing.


Holy fuck that’s terrible. Always heard about this band but never listened to them… good god.


did you really collect all entries from last thread? Thanks for reminding me of this classic, I remember posting this one. Greatest thing in existence. Best part is when that big guy enter the game.


Cunthunt 777

Great band name, though.


holy fuck, my sides when the big guy came in…

you find the best youtube gems ms


Cunthunt! :joy:

This doesn’t qualify as bad music, but I think it caters to the same crowd. What is this, twelve years old? When’s the last time you watched this? Shit gets real at 1:30. All the more amusing after I’ve befriended a group of ravers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still a favorite:


not all of them, no. there was a lot of shit metal, cargo loads of shit metal, and I didn’t put all of it in the playlist. I tried to show the diversity of shit music there was


I can respect you sir, as such a connoisseur of the filth. Haha


Just had to listen to this on the radio, now considering to stick to playlists in the bathroom:



well those gold dentures really are fucking expensive. you better make a song about it to reduce the cognitive dissonance


can’t be real. He’s at the lowest he’s ever been