The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


this was another piece of genius from the previous thread but I couldn’t put a full album in the playlist

found this too , some sort of goa ethno-metal. A lot of unexpected instruments


uhh i’ve just randomly remembered some french rapper you showed me once. bubba or something, that one was pretty bad

also, eat this

btw second band actually sounds pretty cool


that guy is still making the worst autotuned rap possible. I think his brain fried. He recently got into a fight at the orly airport with another rapper and was fined 50k € and then he said he wanted to fight him on a ring in one of the biggest venues in Paris.
what a guy

I don’t remember if I debriefed with you my visit in Ukraine where I was shown some of the best 90’s worst from Eastern Europe


was there anything from the baltics? like lithuania? I do have some stuff in mind, that meme music everybody still plays for the laughs. It all weirdly sounds similar.

lol classic booba


So just curious what you think of the culture and house and techno now having met a group of ravers?


I don’t remember anything like that. I don’t have that long of a list, but this one is pretty memey

just like people, clouds are lonely, but they’re not as mean



btw this is a very popular french rapper among young ppl atm


Damn, not available for streaming in the US apparently. I can totally dig on some french rap


well obviously it’s a lot of trap right now, like anywhere in the world I guess. I haven’t been really excited about any contemporary french rapper i’ve heard so far, when the diversity of things in the US is great imo


sounds like he’s crying but with autotune. What an annoying voice.



cries in autotune

all about that budlight n’ apple juice tho

fuck that’s bad, lol. I couldn’t make it past the one minute mark


couple from the old thread that i didn’t see and thought should be included for posterity:


You know, none of them come even remotely close to the girl we saw at Mercy Beat. Too bad we don’t have video of that. It was THE absolute worst thing I have ever heard come out of speakers. Ever.



^I love this.

That was bad on a whole different level. It will live on in our memories, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


Three beat slide… you should subscribe to their channel


For all of the people who forgot that America is number one


I’m trying to figure out what sort of genre they fit into… homeschool rock