The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


Alright last one, I can’t help myself


Yeah so I lied, it’s cool


This one is the best IMO


This apparently is some song that got popular in Italy that is American English esque gibberish.


I was trying to find a particularly bad example of modern Farm Emo and I struck gold with this compilation


Totally, It’s a close tie between that or walk walk walk skip skip skip tickle yeah!


Three Beat Slide is exactly what’s wrong with free DAWs and the democratization of music in the new millennium.

But I’d hit it. That dad’s a lil’ DILF, ain’t he?


“I know what will resonate with millennials”

Bold move guy… bold but brave


the worst is My Man by E8T !

mx playerkingroot Apk




I would never listen to these individually but there’s something magical about this as a standalone song


oh him again
It made me think about how he took the time to write that song, sing it, produce it, and shoot that video. What is his life?


Noone posted this yet?

Or this?


Delete this

stares into the darkest corner of the room; empty and used


To be honest I kind of like the danny’'s track. IceJJFish tho. Absolutley the worst thing I’ve ever heard


I can’t even believe that shit exists, haha, soooo bad. dollar store tier squeaker-mumble rap. I need to go bathe in radiation after handling 30 seconds of that lmao


…what am I doing with my life squeak


@nose Yo you do know that 70%of those statistics are bot clicks for promo, there I hope that fact provides some consolation


Ah I forgot about bots. That makes me feel slightly better.

That’s one way to spend money as a terrible rapper.