The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


I like that considerably better than 99% of what you can hear on the radio at any given moment.


all credit goes to @_ms for this glorious find. Just have to post it to get it out of my system


sounds like he was trying not to wake his parents up when he was recording the screamo vocals


I actually dig some of the guitar playing, and I love that the tone isn’t very saturated. His vocals are fucking terrible. If he had the sense to drench it in reverb it might even be interesting. It’s not great, but it’s not even in the ballpark of worst music I’ve heard. I’d listen to it on repeat before I suffered through a minute of Miley Cyrus or Maroon 5.

Also, he apparently offed himself and his girlfriend. Probably not a great loss, all things considered.


Wrong thread. The Best Music You’ve Ever Heard thread is that way. :point_left:


I’ve done that


oh shit this guy is the saddest piece of shit I’ve ever heard about. I feel both pity and disgust at his stupid face tattoo, bike gang affiliation, and misplaced ego.


Holy shit - Now I almost feel bad for hating on his shitty music so much. What a fucking bastard. :angry:

edit nah fuck that dude. Didn’t realize what kind of biker gang her was in. Human scum.


for some reason these guys are very popular atm; I’m only aware of them because they’re on an international tour and playing in a big venue in Paris

cheap as fuck; I can only imagine the korean lyrics are at the same level as the english bits
how is this guy a ghetto superhero idk but it must’ve sounded cool when he said it


I never knew the butt cut was so popular there until now


no more words needed…


I’ve heard way worse, but damn Van Buuren hasn’t been good for a long time. He’s had some bangers in his day though. The vocal samples in this track are pretty annoying imo.



This has been around for a while… but I just had the urge to share it today


my bandcamp page, looking back im like wtf was i thinking lol


Lol. You should see the tracks I ha e private on my SoundCloud.


You should hear the stuff I recorded on reel to reel and cassette back in the day.

Some gems but … yeesh!


Well now you have to record it and show us :stuck_out_tongue: <3


Yeah… I’ve picking through it… it’s coming