The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


I’m not gonna lie, I bought that whole album because “Neu Neu” was kinda cool and “the party” by Justice cemented Uffie’s status as aight.


Not gonna argue that and not feeling strong enough rn to listen to those two mentioned tracks lol ^^


This sounds like a shittuer version of that one Ke$ha song…


yikes, that’s straight dollar store tier basic bitch autotuned trash. Definitely the worst thing I’ll hear for a while, lol.


Oh don’t get the impression I liked it. That was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Easily one of the worst purchases in my life. I went back and listened to some of it last night and it’s just bad rap from France.

Those two tracks I mentioned are still aight though.


iirc the uffie track came first

I could google it but I’m ok with being wrong


My ‘fuck a mod’/Unity drunken white bit rapping song should be the king of this thread.
For those who remember.


epitome of current corporate music


this shit directly quotes pop tropes from the past five years trying to climb the charts
papa roach was never good, but it looks like some people have their back


this was popular in the UK in the 90’s apparently. The first singer sounds like a cringey celine dion


I actually remember this from back then, saw the video on MTV IIRC ^^


Lol, album name is Hormonally Yours


Wow, I almost forgot about this song, and here it goes again :smiley:


Ha, is this… metal?


She was in Bananarama. That’s about all I remember, other than the horrid song.


It hurts me to know that you consider them to be people


I usually use people as a derogative
you’re not people


I just caught that and the music was forgettable but I couldn’t stop watching the faces that second one was making. Weird vibes for a mainstream music video for sure.


German “Gangster Rap”…blargh!


the worst music ive ever heard? every master ive ever rendered out of the daw.