The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


Yeah, it’s just sad.


What the hap is fuckening



That T-Swift, is that what she sounds like now? Honestly, I could’ve mixed that up with Lorde, Katy Perry, or about half a dozen other artists, and that’s really the disappointing thing about that song. You almost forget she made her name in country.


I have always somewhat enjoyed her music, fuck this shit lol.


I feel this way about a lot of pop nowadays. There was always some redeeming quality with a lot of the artists of yesteryear, and now it seems like the same ones just get off on being annoying now


I also find it annoying how the established main stream music industry pretends to be the little guy fighting the man, and keeps producing political garbage like above. You can’t fight the power when you are the power honestly lmao.


Who could forget this classic?