The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


Yeah, it’s just sad.


What the hap is fuckening



That T-Swift, is that what she sounds like now? Honestly, I could’ve mixed that up with Lorde, Katy Perry, or about half a dozen other artists, and that’s really the disappointing thing about that song. You almost forget she made her name in country.


I have always somewhat enjoyed her music, fuck this shit lol.


I feel this way about a lot of pop nowadays. There was always some redeeming quality with a lot of the artists of yesteryear, and now it seems like the same ones just get off on being annoying now


I also find it annoying how the established main stream music industry pretends to be the little guy fighting the man, and keeps producing political garbage like above. You can’t fight the power when you are the power honestly lmao.


Who could forget this classic?


German pop music, it´s cancer. Meaningless lyrics, that make no sence. Perfect music for soccermoms who haven´t been “touched” in years.



Yeah this is kind of a guilty pleasure actually, I kinda dig it. Just relevant and I could see the hatred spew so it deserves a shit post :stuck_out_tongue:


found this by accident


yeah kill the fascists
definitely fuck the nazis
old white dudes say it better
that fraternal love motto never sounded so fucking old. It’s the twenty-first century, folks! It’s the year of the Instant grams and Twittism.

It made me think of this, not sure why, may be in the same tonality, or it’s the guitar solo, or the general awkwardness


here’s some white reggae for you. that’s what you show people when they complain about accusations of cultural appropriation


It’s funny - I usually can’t connect to the idea of cultural appropriation and still think it’s mostly overrated, partly since everything is a remix anyways, but the one thing that made me absolutely get the idea was also related to reggae. I don’t want to get into details but I thought it’s noteworthy lol. About the song you linked to, I think it wouldn’t be half as bad as it is without that really strange video and the half-dancing. I mean wtf…


oh yeah? she did another version of that video, and called it “official music video”. Does it make it any better?

You can’t fit more into the definition of cultural appropriation when you pretend reggae is all about love and getting high, and write lyrics about Jamaica being Paradise on earth.
And it’s even worse when you look like a typical white devil and wear a parody of the clothes people wear in Jamaica like they’re just quaint little pieces of fashion


Well, yeah, I really do see your point, but the kind of reggae appropriation I was talking about before was a guy writing about how reggae music is such a great fit for his struggle for some white identity liberation thing, if it wasn’t for all that devilish smoking of the demon weed… So that friendly and slightly deranged lady strikes me more like a cute curiosity compared to that ^^


french grandma reggae is officially the worst thing I’ve heard in 2019

…excuse me while I go bob for apples in a toilet filled with bleach


And here I thought we were talking about her appropriating that French accent…


The same artist that made this beautiful song:

The message of the dog one is good and all but I super don’t like any of the timbres, much as I don’t like a lot of current sound choices in pop music.

Or I think maybe I just don’t like cheery sounding music.


When someone pointed out to me that this was also Sia, I shit my pants