The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


Do I understand this correctly, is this really a song about how precious dogs are and you should get yours at the shelter if you get one? Is this for children?


Haha basically. It’s really about the phenomenon of Christmas pet purchasing, where parents get brand new pups for their kids who go fucking crazy over it, then they lose interest in the pet as it gets older because it isn’t as cute or something awful like that. ‘Puppies are forever’ as in, when you get a pet, you better be aware that it’s a living creature that lives long enough to get old so be a responsible pet owner.


P.S.: fuck the nazis


That sounds like angels singing compared to this:
This is to my knowledge thee absolute worst song my ears have ever heard.


The NSFW version of Old Town Road


Thanks grant


I see your shitty daw-based, rappy, emo, shouty crapulance and raise you this:


oh shit man anything with yodel really



i just dont like this cover, as for the band i cant really say, havent really listened to them


These guys are notoriously terrible live. I saw them once and regretted it, even though their first mainstream album is one of my childhood favorites.


Did some deep digging in my brains memories and this abomination resurfaced. Song is called We Almost Caught A Fish from an awful show called Fishmasters. I discovered this terrible show many years ago long after it stopped airing. Music starts at 0:54


Shakira shakes while kellis milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…


These were her pre-melodyne days, right? I don’t remember her sounding this bad but I have to agree now


This is what cultural appropriation looks like.

With really bad make-up. WTF. Are they trying to be the KISS of flag waving?


How is that cultural appropriation


that bass player’s brow play @1:05 is obvious mockery of ancestral yogi technique


Ah, well spotted


got a ripe one…

I mean, at least the girl it totally popular on Facebook…


this is shit music from seven years ago that reached cult status in France

seven years later, she’s still making music and still can’t write or rap like she really can’t do any better no matter how hard she tries