The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


Seems like every country has a Sky Ferreira equivalent; garbage yesterday, hipster tomorrow


got a batch of silly videos for worst music amateurs

reh dogg apparently believes the success of “why must I cry” means he can have a career making shit music. He’s obivously more self-conscious in this one, still fucking terrible. “I’m your chinese blackman” sounds promising too but I can’t be arsed to click on that.

this one is new to me, but already well-known. I believe it demonstrates the miserable cultural background of UFO-watching wackos

and this actually requires skills in some way


lol wtf…


more like techno cover (as far as i can tell that ain’t kurt cobain’s voice I hear)
that triangle @1:35 and then the bells haha shit how can these guys claim a nirvana influence


enjoy, you cunts


accordion still my favorite instrument

watching _ms suggestion right after this, youtube gave me the perfect crossover


No one posted it yet so I’m going to


wow. check that taste man. None of these videos should have been made. “what about I make a mashup of AC/DC and JSB on my accordion?” >> NO


holy fuck

made me think about this hate-cover except puddle of shit is probably serious about theirs


I absolutely unironically love The Shaggs. It’s such a breath of fresh air from popular Western music. I’d listen to them over 99% of the boring, derivative bullshit that people post over in the “What Are You Listening To?” thread. That’s not fair, I’ve actually found a lot of cool music through the “Listening To” thread. Still, Shaggs are more interesting that most music produced in the last 50 years.

It’s like The Boredoms meet The Beach Boys.


Yes. I tend to agree with him.


I wonder if anyone has successfully covered any of these songs

Maybe pile of shit Puddle of Mudd should try this instead


nah the shaggs is no-fi anti-folk at its best.

I also absolutely love Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston album together and I would love to be making this kind of music with my friends.


Please check the Music Review before listening to any song




Corporate bro country is the worst, agree. It’s like they use this one template file and change things a bit. It’s all manufactured in same studio or something that involves them checking this list of things what to include. It’s very generic, stock, inoffensive with this only goal to get it on radio stations and be “relatetable”

It might be laughable at first how crappy that entire scene is but I feel you. Because of your location it surrounds you with not much of escape. And they all also bandwaggon what’s trending nowadays so you have trap beats too! shudders

lol 6-pack. “hell yeah I drink beer too! those guys are so meee!”


Opinion: the best “country” music band ever has nothing to do with “country music” as a genre.

16 HP/WovenHand/David Eugene Edwards absolutely rule.

Fun fact: I saw 16 HP twice back in the day, while in London, UK. They covered a Joy Division song - “24 hours”. It was absolutely fucking unreal, like time stopped or something. The crowd in the packed venue stayed totally silent the whole time, in shock. It was like having a different version of Ian Curtis singing to us. The place felt somewhat colder. Crazy goosebumps the whole time… and I was 100% sober that night (a rare thing back in those days) so I remember that otherworldly feeling very well. Incredible. So much respect for DEE.


I’m a huge 16HP/Wovenhand fan (despite not being a bit religious). I’m not sure how much I consider them country, more rooted in folk, but the music sure is magical.


Yup, I don’t consider them country either - more like from the countryside, if you will. And he’s (litteraly) the son of a preacherman (hence his extreme religiousity I suppose)… doesn’t get more grassroots Americana than that, right? :slight_smile:


16 horsepower is more like an americana version of a silver mount zion. A friend had given me their secret south album years ago, and I liked their style.

That bro country shit is the worse though. Horrible horrible culture. I’m happy it’s one thing from the US that hasn’t crossed the ocean.