The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


You win this thread. This makes absolutely everything posted before it seem like Beethoven.


this is shit music from seven years ago that reached cult status in France

seven years later, she’s still making music and still can’t write or rap like she really can’t do any better no matter how hard she tries


Seems like every country has a Sky Ferreira equivalent; garbage yesterday, hipster tomorrow


got a batch of silly videos for worst music amateurs

reh dogg apparently believes the success of “why must I cry” means he can have a career making shit music. He’s obivously more self-conscious in this one, still fucking terrible. “I’m your chinese blackman” sounds promising too but I can’t be arsed to click on that.

this one is new to me, but already well-known. I believe it demonstrates the miserable cultural background of UFO-watching wackos

and this actually requires skills in some way


lol wtf…


more like techno cover (as far as i can tell that ain’t kurt cobain’s voice I hear)
that triangle @1:35 and then the bells haha shit how can these guys claim a nirvana influence


enjoy, you cunts