The Worst Music You've Ever Heard 3.0


fucking christians
incestual malaise
motherfuckers can play though

fucking brainwashed human waste


Music ok…

Worst vid…


Mindless self indulgence do not like on so many levels.

Just a whole lots of nope.


I’m really surprised by this for some reason.


I really dig the song, and the vid is so 90s…I think I can only see it in that context as I remember it from back then, and what else was out there at the time. Totally cheesy though. On the upside, it has Bootsy Collins in it.


this guy is actually the most popular rapper in France right now. People love him because he’s “genuine”. The real populist artist. The reality is he’s a fucking cash machine. The amount of creative energy that goes into his songs is about .0 and he’s probably a millionaire now.

Four years ago he made this :

Notice the subtle product placement.


Edit: Will delete when I am able to.


You have to have a license to drive a car, but any guy on the street can use autotune. I feel like it should be regulated.


Agreed. And are those both covers, or just rip offs fo the music with new text? my French is = 0.


just the same music with different text. He talks about selling weed and running when the cops show up, wearing armani and dreaming of millions like tony montana (that reference gets old)


hm, so he takes suuuuuper famous songs, and autotunes his crap ontop? That is indeed a recipe for worst music ever. Well spotted. :slight_smile:


Not the worst for me.