The political shit post thread Vol 2


Brexshite at the moment,

Our brainless MPs have took no deal off the table…

So the EU are left with the scenario of either UK will leave and pay them 39billion, or they won’t leave at all.

It’s all win win for the EU.

I’m from the UK and wanted a hard Brexit from day one, it’s the only way we can start a fresh and build from there and that 39billion would be well spent setting up a few British industry’s as opposed to how we are now relying on foreign industries set up in the UK who can pull the plug at any given moment, Honda being the latest example.


How is the political climate over in the U.K.? Are people relentlessly dicks to each other, or is that just an American thing lol


LOL! yep



Heres a video i made of the building of the 1952 Southbank Dorman long Coke ovens (teesside)
It was built back in the days before the UK were in the EU when we used to have skilled men and didn’t need to rely on foreign skills.
I worked there for 26 years (1989 to 2015), basically indian firm TATA bought the UK steel industry then asset stripped it, it was then sold to SSI (a thai firm) basically doomed to fail, we were told at the time the EU we not aloud to bail us out, after it closed we found out the EU had bailed out an Italian steel plant.

TATA still own a steel plant in Scunthorpe but they are doing the same to that as what they did to teesside.

Whatever country your from i don’t think it wise to have foreign firms owning your industries, its certainly destroyed UK industry.

Music by me of course lol