The political shit post thread Vol 2

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What divides the ideologies between Nationalism vs Communism?

One dictates how or who should own property, the other is a belief in one’s society, or belief of a political independence for a particular group.

Nationalism how Trump uses it

America will be independent from a failed paris agreement- Nationalism

A person can be nationalist of their communist government


Play nice friends. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lets try to keep it ad hominem free as possibe, and maybe even a bit open minded lol


Sorry for double posting, but this needs to be here.

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As much as my previous posts sound bitey, I’m just venting my frustration with current event, guys. No harm intended. I do know this subject gets heated and it’s touchy for a reason, I think people tend to get carried away with the concept of politics in general and you cant let that mentality rule over you or let other people try to antagonize you for your personal beliefs. But it is a din, a cacophonous shriek of biblical proportions that i am hearing, of unrest and near dissidents. I dont know what the future holds but mahfakas need to calm their shit and co exist.


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Another thing people tend to do is to judge a book by it cover. A person I work with who is a safety specialist is very liberal. We (among others) have argued politics over Facebook many times, most recently over the kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings. Things were heated with everyone involved, BUT at work we talk to each other as friends and compartmentalize the political discussions. The important thing is to not take anything personally, and to not attack each other. This goes for a handful of other leftist I have met online through debate. We still talk about other things and share posts and discuss politics. It gets heated but then… poof we just let it go because we understand the nature of American politics.

Also I want to add that I am a very calm guy despite what I’m sure all of you believe

This is from an app called calm. I have been using it to log my meditation for about a year and a half. Basicallly I incorporat mediation in my daily routine by meditating for 30 minutes before work and when I have free time at home. As you can see I have logged 551 seesions for a total of 220.5 hours logged. I was meditating long before using this app too. Combine that with the daily excersis I do plus eating healthy (I am actually known for bringing it in a eating a daily box of leafy greens, people joke and call me Peter cotton tail extra…) and staying away from drinking, I’m pretty calm and stable

What I do notice is when people start attacking other people, the person doing the attacking is either not that stable and the argument isn’t going their way so they attack the other person as a means to come out on top. They are also useually used to not having any push back because they stick to their echo chambers where everyone and everything around them agrees with their point of view. So when thing don’t go their way, they attack.


Right thats im calling it… this guy is an alt

Ok guys,
a couple of things, I never liked this thread, because I think this kind of conversation online always ends in one way, said that:

  • I won’t be arsed intervening because you’re adults BUT, should things start being flagged, I will close the thread for a bit;
  • Be civil, nothing I hate more than people shouting across the internet or throwing insults just to prove a complete stranger wrong.

So, you want your political debate area, you self moderate and behave, else do not come crying about the anti-libertarian mods who shut it down or temporary banned your ass.

Really simple, be civil, no personal attacks, don’t be a dick.


This thread needs more actual shitposting. Here, let me help.




Yes, that’s a complete sentence.


I’m gay


I heard that can be a side affect of appendicitis

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