The political shit post thread Vol 2




So I’m not gonna post something I know nothing about, but can someone give me a TL;DR of Brexit?


Idk what you mean by TL;DR, but if you ask the “woke intellectual” left, the answer you would get is Nazis


TL;DR = too long didn’t read

give me the simple version

I guess it’s bad ? from what I gather?

sure, nazis…

Nazis bad yo’


It seems bad now, but in a decade or two the UK will be happy they left the EU.


The UK held a referendum in which a majority of voters voted to leave the EU.
Prime minister Theresa May agreed on a deal with the EU upon the terms of Brexit.
Her deal got largely rejected by the House of Commons. The opposition tried to oust her from her position of prime minister following her defeat but the house voted against that.
So now Theresa May is trying to strike a better deal with the EU that the House would like more.
The UK is supposed to be leaving the EU on 29 March. They can get a little more delay but it would only be a few months. If no deal is agreed on before this date, it would be a so-called “no-deal brexit”, meaning potential trade hold-up for an unspecified period of time.

I hope my tldr isn’t tldr


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Just finished watching this documentary…

I find it a little hard to express exactly what I’m feeling right now… but I urge each and everyone of you to watch it, and find out for yourselves




I know I’m way off topic but it is absolutely crazy how much Putin looks like Dave Mustaine.


Why is a ceo in the news and more importantly why should I care…how is sexting a political stand and also the guy would accomplish more if he could hit the g spot, or give tantric 50 minute prgasms,

But Somehow this is politics because dicks and assholes…


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I love “America Invades” memes


This thread needs more SPICY SHIT


RE: Murican invasion memes




Hilarious and accurate…sadly


Fucking love it most poignant post of the thread.

On a serious note. If people haven’t realized that Putin is winning, then we are split and divisions are already lost.

Saying that, conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy…its greater than all of us and we shall likely never know the truth. Just plausable explanation that fit the mind set of those who choose to listen.

The rest of us thrive on in our barrels…its just simply mind blowing and inconcevable what is likely to be actually occurring.

Chine, trade wars, russia cold wars, europe political wars, america social capitalist wars, middle east oil wars, africa poverty wars, south americas dictoriate wars…I really cant help think how much of this is being played out by a handful of the few who can afford to roll the dice.