The political shit post thread Vol 2


How exactly is Putin winning?


Syria…fuel…gas…Crimean peninsular…trump in power…brexit turmoil…Venezuelan lockdown…chinese trade war…hell thats just what I can humbly think of on the top of my head.


How is he winning in Syria? We are pulling troops out of Syria. Isn’t that a good thing, or is that a bad thing now… what does Syria have to do with America losing or winning

How is he winning with fuel? He was actually going to sell the EU fuel via a pipe line and Trump said No, the EU will be buying oil from the US. Gas prices have not been this low for a long time…

How does Putin have any thing to do with brexit?

How is he winning the Chinese Trade war. (BTW we have always been in a trade war with China, we just never did anything about it)

Venezuela? That country fucked itself by voting in a socialist government.

I don’t thing Russia has any part in that, or Trump being in power

Did you know Obama got caught on a hot mic saying this to the Russian ambassador?

I don’t think your “Putin is winning” claim has a shred of marit to it. Border line fake news in fact


you should check out that documentary “Active Measures” @Brogner, I’d be curious to see what you think about Putin after that.


Ermm… besides saving and securing Assad “The Butcher” regime, as another puppet, and now owning it…?


Indeed… you really should.


So you want America to be the world police or don’t want America to be the world police? You can’t have it both ways… besides, I ask again how does Syria really affect America? What is the point?


I understand how Putin came to power and his history. What I don’t understand is how Putin is “winning”





But for real… The Vietnam war is bad but the Syrian war is good? I dont understand.

America being the world police is bad when a Republican is in charge, but if it was A Democrat it’s okay?

I’m trying to find my moral compass here… Trump will pull troops out of Syria, isn’t that good? I bet if Trump pulled troops out of Vietnam during the war it would have been bad lol


because Vlad’s a powerplayer yo’

started slingin’ political Jenkem all over trumps comb-over and put his compatriots up in his biz, now we’re infested mobdeep with Vlad & Co.ligarchs that have pockets deeper than charlie sheen’s drug tolerance


as far as american interventionalism goes its similar to that monster from greek legend called a hydra

also as far as moral compasses go


This is very colorful. thank you for the image.

I assume you are referring to the “Russian Collusion” investigation. Implying that Trump is a puppet of Russia… am I on the rightr track?



Causation you mean?


Can we skip the foreplay here… what exactly are you trying to communicate as far as Russia and Trump is concerned


Not foreplay at all, literally causation. Trump is a puppet of Russia as evident by said collusion.

To say that the Russians didn’t have anything to do with our election is one thing, a stretch, but to claim they don’t have any pull on Trump… is just sheer ignorance of fact.

Now how far that runs… I can’t say… but I think it’s easy to declare that the Trumpster and Putin definitely are not on any equal playing field. Trump is a patsy.


What evidence is there of collusion? Other than the MSM cramming “Russia Collusion” headlines downs every ones throat.

Is there a break in Bobby Mueller case that says Trump colluded with Russia?

I have seen ZERO evidence any where that points to Trump colluding with Russia.

So how can you be so sure that Trump Colluded with Russia, when there is ZERO evidence that this happened.