The political shit post thread Vol 2


Ok, so there isn’t hard evidence, I shouldn’t have phrased it that way.

But there’s a lot of suspicion… enough to almost border with probable cause. It’s well known there is a massive amount of communication between people in trump’s orbit with Russian people of power who have close ties with Putin. Dmitry Peskov’s involvement with the trump hemisphere is a massive smoking gun. Paul Manafort’s involvement with the russians is also utterly insane.

And really, as @Sencesor posted… You should just really watch that. (he beat me to it)


Good luck.

  • Reasonable suspicion is a reasonable presumption that a crime has been, is being, or will be committed. It is a reasonable belief based on facts or circumstances and is informed by a police officer’s training and experience. Reasonable suspicion is seen as more than a guess or hunch but less than probable cause.
  • Probable cause is the logical belief, supported by facts and circumstances, that a crime has been, is being, or will be committed.

The difference between the two terms is that probable cause means there is concrete evidence of a crime, whereas reasonable suspicion is open to broader interpretation. Reasonable suspicion indicates that it appears that a crime has been committed; the phrase often is used to justify investigation into suspicious behavior when a crime may have been committed.

Did you not watch my video above of Barry O saying he will be more flexible after his election on a hot mic? Does that not mean anything to you?

The Paul Manafort indictment doesn’t mean shit. He lied in a few examples but they don’t connect Trump or anyone to Russian Collusion. He was found guilty of Tax fraud, of hiding one foreign bank account, and two counts of bank fraud. Nothing in there rings any bells of russian collusion.

I am willing to come to an agreement


The difference between Trump and Hillary Clinton is that Hillary had deeper ties and more friends than Trump. The media Hates Trump and Loved Barry/ Hillary. Anything Trump does that could be possibly viewed as bad, will be while shit done by hillary or barry got overlooked.

The only thing that has been discovered to be done by Russia during the 2016 campaign was a shit ton of Facebook ads and Facebook profiles had been created by Russian propaganda groups and spread everywhere. ranging from Christians for trump to black lives matter. THAT IS IT.


I just like to add that I Literally saw my Fb friends repost and share political garbage from fb pages posing as anonymous and other third party sources, they actually believed these so called internet sources it was from both sides, also intelligence agencies and ppl with lots of money interfere with erections all the time


This is true, they also interfere with elections too.



I was going to post this in “things that made me happy today” but I’ll post it here


Walls don’t kill people. He should build a big hammer instead

No wait, how about a gigantic bulldozer?


Fuck 'em all to death!


@Brogner what exactly is your political alignment? I see you all over the place here kind of arguing points on all sides, just curious

mostly curious as to what your motive is, other than disproving everyone I’m not seeing a real point on your side either way


@nostromer what do you mean that I am arguing all sides? I feel I have been pretty consistent. I feel as if I am reflective of the person I am arguing with if that makes sense? If people want to have a nuanced detailed discussion of ideas I am all for that, If people just want to throw mud because they are losing the argument I will happily join.

Pro- American, Anti big government, Pro life, Anti Racism, anti leftism

These are the things I care about really

My motive is bringing a reality check to people who are so sucked into a bull shit narrative that fits their made up world view. I really dislike when people who clearly don’t pay any attention to politics talk about these big grand “moral” ideas about governments like they have it all figured out, or judge the current system we have now (which is the best system the world has seen yet) as something it is totally not.

would you care to share your alignment?


Sometimes I attempt to play devils advocate with opposing positions but overall I try to maintain a healthy dichotomy when it comes to certain issues like foreign policy, and economics, as for other issues like abortion I believe its mostly situational and should be taken on a case by case basis


New York is fucking up big time… pushing Amazon out is the wrong choice, and the local politicians make it seem like the community is saving big money by doing this. Good, Amazon should find a better place to do business



I have disabled all youtube browse history, so what I get is random suggestions on the side of the videos I watch, probably based on popularity. I’ll be listening to music on youtube and be suggested a video of “ben shapiro leav[ing] a liberal professor speechless”. So I got curious and I just watched dozens of those in a row.
I felt numb. I put the music back on, went to sit down and had to take a few minutes to recover.


In case you need some Sam Bee to balance that stuff:


Hearing logical level headed arguments from the middle ground can be quite shocking. His daily news podcast is doing really well actually. He is covering the anti semitism in the American Democrat party and the labor party in britain right now.


Here is his latest podcast

I challenge who ever is interested in a free open world to watch this with an open mind and tell me how he does not have a compelling fair argument.


This is the image that the UK labor ally posted btw and was lableded as being only “anti Israel”

Anti semitism is very real people, and it’s becoming mainstream


Maximum Trumpitude.