The political shit post thread Vol 2


scandal ! dishonor ! outrage !


also hot female italian politcians



The wall started being built under the bill clinton administration… in 1994, and has been added to since… for 25 years


You ever wonder how anti semitism becomes mainstream? It not like it just appears one day out of thin air.


Now thats funny as hell! put a cheeto on his head=perfect!


When the only thing you can make fun of him is for his looks and other descriptions, rather than policy… that’s pretty good I would say


what do you mean become mainstream ?




Looks like it’s getting close to becoming mainstream in France already


do you really feel like anti-semitism is becoming “the attitude regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts” ?
that sounds like a bit of a stretch


It starts somewhere, like I said, it doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

Anti Semitic attitudes are rising and is manifesting in leftist parties. Mainly in The labor party in the UK and the Democrat party in US. Also arcording to CNN is very much on the rise in France.

Do you still think anti semitism is something that is just a joke, or a false flag?


Oh, ok, you’re guessing that anti-semitism will become mainstream based on recent events. I can’t debate that since it’s only your unfalsifiable hypothesis that “it might become mainstream someday in the future”.

I don’t think anti-semitism is something that is just a joke or a false flag, those are words you’re putting in my mouth, you silly bait.

You brought that subject on the table, and now are deciding that we’re going to debate it, but I’m not interested in debating this with you right now.

I still think Ben Shapiro is an annoying little rat whose only purpose is to aliment the anger of people by presenting facts as unequivocally outrageous. His fast rethoric and blurby delivery gives him the appearance of truth but his analyses are rather shallow.


…I just realized that the ocean Is like a toilet meaning that all the pee and poop of the sea life and other stuff have been floating around in there for like as long as there has been life on earth not saying not to go to the beach anymore and swim in the water or should you, i don’t know…maybe I’m onto one of those billion dollar ideas…


You could debate the argument that anti semitism isn’t becoming mainstream by saying something like… anti Semitic crimes have a lowering trend over the last year or that the labor party and democrat party relentlessly root it out when there are open signs of it showing up in their respective parties… but you can’t because that’s not what is happening.

The current victim hood status of the left pretty much governs in a way that if you are part of a “victim group” then it’s okay to be anti Semitic.

Even though the Jewish population has been the most brutalized in world history, because they are successful and because they are white they are open for attack. it’s becoming permissible, it just hides under a thin veil of “anti Israel” criticism.

I don’t think you watch very much Ben Shapiro, other than the clips of him “owning the left” which do not get to the base of his ideals. All I can say is that he agrees with a lot of Trump’s policies (and other famous republicans) and Trump’s policies are turning out very well for America.

I wonder if you would still call him a rat if he wasn’t Jewish…


Article from NPR

I think anti semitism is becoming more mainstream, more mainstream then you would like to believe.


I seriously didn’t realize that it was a slur used against Jewish people, I was really only refering to his weird mouth, crazy eyes, and general jittery feel


I don’t think you have the latest news on what happened with Ilhan Omar

This comes off as a bit racist

the fact that people denounce it should mean the opposite of it becoming mainstream. To think that people will denounce anti-semitism and that it will still become the attitude considered normal, is rather pessimistic. But you’re right in that populism has got some crazy people in power, so…
Anyway, I should point out once again that I did not express any opinion regarding the mainstreamness of anti-semitism. You say I don’t believe it, I did not say anything about it.


Come on now, you are so full of fucking shit. You can’t tell me that a slur used to dehumanize a group of people for centuries has somehow flew under your radar without you knowing. I’m willing to bet that the “intellectually elevated” political discussion occurring in France (where reports say anti semitic crimes are on the rise) freely uses that word on a regular basis. Also, your defensive reasoning parallels that of racist trash who have been rightfully called out for dehumanizing people of African heritage by calling them ape or monkey. It’s all the same shit, just different flavors of hate. I hope others see this.

Please enlighten me… PLEASE, I really want this… tell me what I don’t know.

you are wrong about this. try again

I said the mainstreaming of anti semitism starts somewhere, meaning that a hitler type figure doesn’t just come along and generate anti semitic attitudes. There is a very good reason why his message resonated so well with the populations of Europe.

But ignore all the rest

I really want to here the latest news of Ilhan Omar