The political shit post thread Vol 2


Seriously …?

Just to be clear I’m not attacking you, nor do I think you’re an anti-semite, which I am sure you’re not. but I have to say this statement made me very uncomfortable… especially in the context it was made in - “is anti-semitism becoming mainstream?”…


Semites aside, Trump is still a narcissistic,racist,bully.
he is a con-artist,and totally clueless.
the worst ting to happen to this country EVER.
he has made us a global laughing stock.
Period. 100% whole-ass!


lol wouldn’t you think that oh idk maybe


Civil war

Jim Crow Laws

the jailing of legal Japanese american citizens

or the KKK

might be worse things that happened to america than trump?
I think you are clueless and have Trump derangement syndrome.
America is doing extremely well atm thanks to his policies. No one is denying that period. Global laughing stock? who the fuck cares what other countries think? You really have issues with what other fucking countries think of america? I think you might have bigger issues to deal with.

Lmao Global laughing stock… Oh no the EU thinks we suck, ohh I can’t sleep anymore and I am so ashamed. Canada thinks America is stupid, my heart can’t take it! Like fucking really dude? this is fucking good stuff right here


I don’t know what to say, I honestly did not mean it that way. Ben shapiro is nothing more to me than a controversial loud mouth in the likes of jordan peterson or bill o’reilly. I’m sincerely sorry I used that word not knowing the implication.


I can’t know what you don’t know obviously, but the fact that her words ignited debate in the Democratic party as to what to do about it, and that they had her publicly apologize, and then passed a resolution stating such language “has no place in political discourse”, all this makes me think it is not okay to be anti-semitic “if you are a part of a victim group” as you stated.

You could criticize the way they managed it, just like the labor party in the UK can definitely be called out for the terrible way they handled the controversy. But I think the reason it’s so difficult for them to know how to react is also because the situation is more complex than you or controversial figures in the news make it to be.


Here, I will let a Democrat Congressmen explain why its an issue.

The reason Nancy Pelosi (speaker of the house) did not outright attack anti semitism, is because the base of support in the democrat party is becoming more and more radical, and is becoming anti semitic.

To be 100% clear, THE REASON for this whole thing is because of Miss Omar’s anti semitic statements, and she is still allowed to be on the Foreign Affairs Committee in the house.


ironically enough, sources who think omar is right about her anti-israel stance suggest that the Democratic party is so eager to rebuke omar because they have ties with israel lobby groups.
it’s a mess, really.


There are many countries that have lobby groups for: Mexico, Canada, the UK, Israel, France, Germany, countries from africa, and the middle east. This isn’t an unusual thing. This is classical anti semitism not being rooted out, and instead watered down with other hate categories. It is 100% okay to criticize Israel’s government, but she wasn’t criticizing the government. She was spouting classical anti semitic conspiracy.


True, her comments are really uncalled for. I don’t think it proves the democratic party is becoming anti-semitic though. I was just pointing out that interpretations on that matter go both ways. I think none of those are accurate guesses.


Only time will tell I guess. We will have to wait and see.


Forget about it, it’s all good.

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but at the same time – most probably, wasn’t random either. sub-conscience cultural archetypes go a long way…


Damn lefties


Anthony Weiner and Roy moore


I see Brogner’s feeding ground is coming along nicely these days :smiling_imp:


Yeah there was a short period of no activity… But people can’t resist talking smack about Trump :smiling_imp:


now you know how much i love feeding the trolls.
especially when it comes to his highness cheeto.


Well, it would be one thing if you could actually lure me into a trap by first feeding me than actually having real arguments to come at me with, and not some generic “orange man bad” bull shit.

In the end, he will be re elected so buckle up buddy


I can’t imagine being so in love with a particular politician or political party that I would bother to defend their honor on a music forum.

Outside perspective, Trump seems like an ignorant buffoon who has been breaking the law for years and will continue to do so because he doesn’t give a fuck about anyone other than himself. My voting would be in making sure I voted strategically against him instead of even being concerned about who I was voting for.

I wish I could say that it was baffling that he was elected, but I’ve read enough to understand how unhappy a large portion of the American population is, and how easy it is to use their unhappiness to nurture Us vs Them. I hope your country can heal. Who you vote for politically shouldn’t be so divisive. I hear of families that are split apart over politics.


You don’t understand American politics. Besides I am old enough to remember on the old IDMF site the thread “I AM SO ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN” I remember thinking, This? On a music forum? But that was permissible. I guess I could say that I can’t imagine being so hateful of a particular politician or political party that I would bother to bitch about it on a music forum.

Also why did you feel the need to drop down from your high horse into the mud with me the common low IQ individual? If you are so above it, I am sure you can just easily ignore it. Well, maybe I just can’t understand the superior intellectual.

Okay guy… this whole “corrupt politician” shtick is old and bull shit. Republicans have been bitching about this literally FOR YEARS falling on deaf ears in the Democrat party. You talk about how you read enough, well, tell me what corrupt thing he has done since being in office that is outside the norm? You can’t, so you and the rest of the left just stick to orange man bad routines, or calling him a buffoon because that is really all you have.

Just a side note, I didn’t have the luxury of calling the last president a buffoon or ripping on his appearance at all. Hell, arguing against Obama care, the Iran deal, and Obama’s handling of North Korea was enough to be labeled racist.

You just sound like someone who is voting because he is mad not because of policies, THAT IS THE PROBLEM, wouldn’t you think?

Here, I will try to give you some slight insight into my life

I work at a coal power plant. I drive 45 miles to work, and 45 miles back home. My bulk retirement plan is in the stock market. I pay a shit ton in income tax every year. I pay heat for a very large home.

Because of the clean air act of 2009 passed by Obama, I lost a minimum of 10,000 base pay a year.
Trump is very pro- coal.
Trump has brought the gas prices down and they have been insanely low.
The economy under Trump is continuously braking records and is extremely strong by any standard. Good for my 401K
I lost money because of Obama Care, it was an utter failure.
I payed less taxes last year because of the Trump tax cut

I know we are not on the same page, but wouldn’t you agree (if you were honest) that it is completely logical for me to vote Trump? Tell me how voting for Trump was because of some us vs. them bull shit you seemed to boil this all down to.

Quite honestly, the divisive politics started under Obama and carried into the next election on both sides. This us vs them mentality was pushed by Obama, now it is the state of American politics.

And I hope Europe can get over it’s antisemitism and the the EU doesn’t go into another financial crisis. Merkel is not running for re election in Germany 2021 because of the re ordering of politics, France is almost 5 months in riots because of rising fuel taxes, Brexit is a thing still going on and being negotiated. So I doubt I will get my wish.


I fully get voting for the politician that best represents who you are and who will protect your career. I work for a non-profit which receives the bulk of our funding for the government, so I tend to think about that when I choose who I will vote vote.

We are not at all on the same page politically but I feel something else worth considering is what world do we leave for our children. I’d guess you feel the same way, but think about it differently than I do and have different ideas about protecting the future. You talk about the clean air act as a bad thing. I think it’s not nearly enough. I think we need to do so much more to protect our environment and that it’s not going to happen if our governments are not supportive of it. I imagine you are worried that there won’t be any decent paying jobs for your children if we switch to cleaner energy sources.

It’s amazing how being born in a place and growing up with a set of values can dictate so strongly who you are. Free healthcare for everyone just seems like such a no-brainer to me and I’m happy to pay my taxes etc to fund it. Even if it means that the same drug user is in the hospital every other weekend due to an OD. Actually, I’m frustrated that it’s happening, not because of the cost, but because I think as a society we should do better.
Obamacare does seem kind of useless, but because it was a half-hearted effort because people didn’t buy in to the premise. I think that you should be losing money because of health care. You should also have access to great healthcare without fear of medical debt ever.