The political shit post thread Vol 2


I just wanted to make it clear that my life doesn’t revolve around “owning liberals”. That’s Trump has great policies and in this time of his life, has conservative values to reflect mine.

As far as turning something over to my children…

I currently feel that Left loves to drag around children using them as political shields for their argument. Just think of the children!

I believe and support a clean environment. I work in the control room of the powerplant I work at and can tell you 2 things

One: the EPA and the DNR are constantly slamming there dicks in our face (for good I agree, I’m trying to make the point that they are absolutely there)

Two: creating energy from coal is cleaner than the motors in our cars… we get cleaner power from a coal power plant.

Power plants hardly have that much emissions compared to 20 30 years ago when no one gave a fuck.

I believe America needs to push for nuclear power like France, but for what ever reason that I can’t tell you, we don’t.

I do not believe climate change is the thing that will wipe out humans. For fucks sake, humans have only existed in an interglacial age of the worlds cycle of ice ages and non ice ages

The biggest culprit is by far China. So if we are TRULY TRULY TRULY worried about global warming, then we need to go over there right now and take over. Shutting down a few coal plants here out there will help but the amount of pollution China is putting out is disgusting, and we must start there if global warming is the thing that will kill us in 12 years.

I call bull shit

Climate change is and has been a real thing and would continue if humans existed or not.

As far as heath care we need to make one thing very clear

When it comes to QUALITY and TIMELY SERVICE america has the best heath care on this planet hands down.

The down side is it will cost you an arm and a leg to afford.

I have gone through a number of articles talking about how people from Canada that can afford it come to America for heath care. Same with people around the world who send their kids to our children’s hospital.

I look at the department of motor vehicles, veteran affairs, United States postal service, and know that having government controlled heath care would be a fucking disaster.

I would be open for the government handing out to everyone a “heath care allowance” so that Americans can pick and choose what services are best for them. This will also promote competition between heath care providers hopefully driving down costs over all. That to me makes way more sense than slapping a shit ton of regulations on heath care providers and telling them what to do.


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You support failed policies and world war.

I support peace.


i support peace,equality,and a decent life for all.
i was army once upon a time i know how much shit goes on.
fluffy happy puppies fuzzy kitties…thats what icare about.
so there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sounds like you support Trump then, because Obama couldn’t stop Kim from launching those fucking missils.

Can’t have both there buddy


This guy motherfucking gets it.


I’m starting to think that for some it’s more about hustle and the game and that ideals as well as actual policy and happenings are just fodder take Rick Ross the drug dealer not the prison guard that stole his identity and became a rapper, or better yet Bernie madoff as examples, same principles apply in politics street cred is street cred its universal no matter your creed



You are so entrenched in Us vs. Them. Lots of whatboutism. What about Obama? What about China?

I don’t care about Obama or what he did. Fuck him. He was a president and he’s not now. Clinton - who gives a fuck? Fuck China too. Let’s focus on what we can actually do here and now.

If your ability to affect change in the world wasn’t limited to your ability to vote for one of two political parties (or being able to bribe them to do what you want), what would you want? If you had a private meeting with your president right now and he was like hey Brogner, what do you think about the job I am doing, would you tell him he was doing a great job? I hope not! Would the other guy have done a good job? Who knows? It doesn’t matter because that’s not what’s happening.

I get kind of angry and petty talking with you, a person I don’t know, in this online medium and found myself having to edit out comments that were designed to offend or hurt you.

Climate change - I do believe that all the legitimate science supports that there is an observable human caused impact on the rate of climate change we are experiencing now and that if we don’t make changes, it will continue to happen at an unnatural pace. While in school, I took an atmospheric and ocean sciences class with Dr. Andrew Weaver, who at the time was one of the lead scientists in the United Nations Panel on Climate Change.

Why don’t you want better health care? The American system is not the best. The internet suggests that out of 11 countries examined, it was the worst:
Source: Commonwealth Fund analysis

Key findings: The U.S. ranked last on performance overall and ranked last or near last on the Access, Administrative Efficiency, Equity, and Health Care Outcomes domains. The top-ranked countries overall were the U.K., Australia, and the Netherlands. Based on a broad range of indicators, the U.S. health system is an outlier, spending far more but falling short of the performance achieved by other high-income countries. The results suggest the U.S. health care system should look at other countries’ approaches if it wants to achieve an affordable high-performing health care system that serves all Americans.

Turns out Canada sucks too and I was feeling pretty good about Canadian Health Care.

I know the IDMF Political Thread isn’t the place to change anyone’s mind. Here I am trying. You can try to change mine too. I think you enjoy a good debate and I’ll pop in now and then and spout off, but I am not as passionate enough about American politics to really do our conversation justice. Trump bothers me in so many ways, even if he weren’t president of your country.

The most real impact I am seeing where I live is that now the people who feel hate and intolerance towards other humans feel like they have a legitimate platform. The progress we have made as a society towards acceptance… will it back-slide? I see more poison on social media and comment sections of news websites now than prior to the 2016 American election. Good thing we are making things great again (couldn’t help myself).


No I am not.

We already covered why I voted the way I did and I thought you could at least understand on a basic logical sense why, while at the same time not agreeing with what I find value in.

WE DON"T LIVE IN A VACUUM. Off the top, calling out whataboutism would seem to make sense as a way to shut down any type of grievance about past politicians or political administrations but I am taking a stand and calling bull shit on that.

Basic example, you (the democrat party) can’t keep electing these fucking sleazebags and tell the American population that “it’s acceptable” or keep electing politicians who have trash policies that are proven not to work, then turn around as soon as Republicans vote in their own sleazebag (who actually stands up and punches back 10 times harder) and cry about how much of a sleazebag that guy is and how the country is on the verge of nuclear war and how he is the literally hitler meme.

BTW We (the republicans) Ran John Mccain (A fucking badass yet polite war hero) and he was beat because he never fought back.

Than we ran the most vanilla plain jane spineless mother fucker on the face of the earth called Mitt Romney, and he got beat with shit Joe Biden said like “put you all back in chains” to a group of African Americans and did nothing.

You can not claim to be intellectually honest and a fair political debater, and bitch about how corrupt and bad Donald Trump is when the Democrats looked the other way when their politicans raped, abused, and killed women WHILE IN OFFICE. No fucking way. That whataboutism argument doesn’t fly because we didn’t just magically end up here out of the blue one day.

As far as China goes, I hope you looked into how badly they treat the environment, It doesn’t even compare to the west. Imagine that every one on the block you live on has to buy a tesla, spending money hand over fist. While at the same time the rest of your entire town is allowed to drive around in those obnoxious redneck diesel trucks that literally exhaust black smoke, and all they have to do to show environmental improvement is take a bus once a month and they magically reached their goal. That is how I view China. If we have to be held to an extremely super high standard, China needs to get some fucking skin in the game and make rapid improvements as well.

Side note that’s another thing that bothers me, America or the rest of the world for that matter never really got over slavery. Slavery has just moved to China, where we now don’t fucking care about it.

I already covered this but still, were you this adamant or involved with protesting American politics before Trump at this same level you are now or no? If not you were perfectly fine with America having a sitting president that actually rapped a woman? No, we don’t live in a fucking vacuum like I said earlier and I think you can understand maybe just maybe why republicans are fucking sick and tired from the bullshit tricks played by the left.

I would tell him he is doing an excellent job, because he is. He is actually delivering on the things he campaigned on, instead of being a piece of shit trash saying things just to get votes from certain groups of the population.

To show you some “intellectual honesty” in good faith, I have seen one Idea from a Democrat nominee that sparked my interest. Sen Elizabeth Warren said she wants to split up Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

That is the shit I wanna see from the Democrat party, But that is not what I am getting. I am getting from the Democrat party a shit ton of socialism, hatred for America ingereral, Impeach Trump, and If I am white and support Trump then I am inherently racist. Fuck No. Out of IDK 10 Democrat candidates I saw 1 thing that I liked.

See, I don’t get like that. I want to attack ideas or the rants from people bitching about shit they clearly don’t have a grip on, but personal attacks? That is the left, everyone I have argued with has tried to attack me personally, while I don’t have that cross my mind. Yet I get called a bigot dick head. Besides, as soon as you start making personal attacks, you lose the argument. If you can’t win just off of ideas and have to attack the person instead, that is a perfect indicator of who the hateful party is.

That is great and I believe that humans are in fact impacting the environment. 100%. I am not denying climate change is real either, and I want and support protecting the environment. what I don’t want is a fascist like take over of viable resources because of some bull shit propaganda being spread around. I want better control of the technology we have. AKA Clean Coal. Better emission processing and handling. Is that such a bad thing? I don’t want to wipe out coal power plants, I want to improve them. OR GO NUCLEAR! But again, America doesn’t want to do what France is doing and go Nuclear, WHY? I have no fucking clue but It would be a lot cleaner than coal, that is for sure.

Here are a few articles showing that America has the best quality healthcare in the world. I feel like I need to make this clear.



Want you are suggesting is to have LESS EXPENSIVE QUALITY HEALTHCARE. I am guessing that a lot of countries have struck a balance between price and quality, and I am 100% positive that those countries have very good systems of health care BUT


the caps is not me yelling but stressing the point that I understand America’s healthcare system is stupid expensive. That is the reality. To claim the quality is low is just not true.

I do appreciate an open debate of ideas, because that is something that is very hard to come by in today’s political climate from both sides, and I have respect for the fact that you show interest in learning why people are voting the way they are instead of just writing them off as either bigot or racist.

What do you mean exactly, because we just had an issue with a Democrat congresswoman literally spewing classic anti semitic trash on twitter, and the Democrat party did not punish her but rather muddied the water a little bit to cover it up. That actually happened this month.



Hey, since you are here and I clearly have your attention…

Wanna say anything about my view of the atlantic article you posted earlier



If you want to feel depressed about your medical system read some stories:

Having some great hospitals and great doctors is nice, but if people can’t access them then who gives a fuck?


No. You’ve outted yourself as someone who likes to argue on forums for fun and I’m not into that. And frankly these days I have little to no interest in posting about anything on this forum. Let alone some asinine back and forth to see whose e-peen is bigger.


This set is worth putting on and listening to completion


You labeled all Americans stupid… what did you expect. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s somewhat hateful?

Whatever… I’ll never understand why the people who claim to be against hate seem to constantly engage in it.


My problem with you is you take any opportunity in the side room to turn something into a political debate. Like I make a clearly hyperbolic post to vent my frustrations w my job and you take it to a whole other level.

You did it to DJcheesehead a while back and now you are trying to bait me. Frankly why dont you just fuck off back to 4chan or something?

Keep it in your fucking pants lol. And look at me taking the bait because Im a stupid cunt too.


Only when people say things like, I’m being held back because of my race and posts a picture of “himself” but it wasn’t really him? I have no clue what that guy was doing

Or saying things like all Americans are stupid!

How about next time I’m mad I say something like god all people who smoke weed are a drain on society! And then when questioned say that you are the problem.

I hope you are as understanding… but I’m not going to get my hopes up.


Nah. Im piece of garbage. So please refrain from ever responding to anything I choose to post from now on.


I can do that, but I expect it to go both ways.