The political shit post thread Vol 2


Alright, I have never said this or even hinted at saying this. This is part of the problem. If you feel like you are getting frustrated with other people and have to start devolving the conversation by putting words in another person’s mouth to invalidate their argument, I am asking you to just take a quick second and relax. I don’t care what you think about my view on the world I am literally typing words into a computer and I don’t want this to spin out of control. Thank you.

Okay, Well I know you have some sense to understand that economic success doesn’t lead to an extermination of a group of people based on a shared identity. Do you know what does? Rising anti semitism in Europe, or elected congress people in America saying openly anti semitic things on twitter multiple times, and the Democrat party not condemning that person specifically and also allowing said person to remain on the house foreign affairs committee.

What evidence exactly points you in this direction?


You didn’t use the words I used, but they are in your heart.


No, this is why debate is dead. You are accusing me of being a person who does not care about the issue when you don’t know me.

This right here. I have a valid argument against Obama Care, instead of having your own idea or maybe learning from what I am saying, you instead attempt to invalidate me to invalidate my argument. This is what the left has been reduced too.

This, to explain what exactly you are doing, is going to be an extreme example. If the Democrat party says, we want to fight the injustice done towards the black community, the only way we can do this is arrest or kill all people who have white skin, and I say “hey, that is a fucking stupid idea, can we try something else” all of the sudden I am a racist.

Do you see how you are doing the same thing with Obama Care

I do not think the method of penalizing people who choose not to get health care is the best way to allow insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions. That doesn’t make me someone who wants to just kill sick people.

THIS IS WHAT THE LEFT RESORTS TOO. you just did it. and then you doubled down on it. THIS KILLS DEBATE AND IS DIVISIVE.

Saying health care is not a right enshrined in the constitution is a statement of fact.

I never accused you of anything but because you can’t come up with something that adds to the debate, you attack. STOP.

Trump isn’t dividing the country, this tactic used by the left is.



Oligarchy, aristocracy, a poop hierarchy, also lol because it’s a lot like that college admissions scandal starring aunt Becky from fuller house, blah blah blah


Are you aware of the year Trump came into office? Because I do not think you are.


Yeah he would never hire his family members to do jobs they arent qualified for


how are they not qualified? as a matter of fact, Trump “wasn’t qualified” according to the Democrat media (but I repeat myself)

He wasn’t qualified for the job but

He is the most pro- Israel president
Has a magnificent economy (better than previous “qualified presidents” )
Better foreign policy. (when is the last time North Korea fired a missile over Japan? did previous administrations stop him… NO)

basically your argument is just a bumper sticker cheap slogan in lieu of good political ideas.


You’re the one that’s taking democrats as a whole responsible for the state of their party ninety years ago but now trump’s politics can’t be criticized using data previous to his swearing into office?
Get the fuck outta here

I vote we rename this topic “the brogner problem”


“he hired his family members to do jobs they aren’t qualified for”
“they’re actually very qualified”

Wow. I just got informed. If that isn’t “good political ideas” I don’t know what is


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Good game bro but I think it is time for you to take a step back. This right here combined with the anti- semitic slur you used earlier are starting to paint a clear picture of your personality.

People who bring actual facts to discussion rather than personal attacks don’t exhibit this type of behavior. If you want to prove me wrong bring something worthwhile, not this trash you feel is morally justifiable. I am not the problem. A bit of advice… One person’s behavior isn’t an excuse for your poor behavior.


This is the argument you are backing


Why? What disqualifies him?

Trump actually does a great job running the country

Next argument


Why? What disqualifies him?

Trump administration actually does a great job running the country.

Maybe, just maybe, with being in his IDK 5th month of having to govern France with the Yellow Vest riots… MACRON ISN’T QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT.



This thread fuckin’ sucks

edit- I say this because there’s so much more to politics than Trump. Trump is this entire thread.


We were talking about just health care and why I thought the individual mandate was not a good idea, but I got accused of hating sick people. Can you maybe see why there is an actual division in the country? I say it again, anytime I criticized Obama’s policies, I got called racist. I know I am not the only one. I just want to point out that the division and collapse of debate did not start under the current administration. It is still clear right now why debates devolve into total shit shows, as I pointed called out in the above conversation.


I’ve met so many wonderful people in my life, and one thing we all have in common is that we don’t let politics get in the way of shit.

mutes thread



That’s the thing, talk about something that goes against another persons point of view, and they attack you for being a bad person

This is the hallmark of the left.

I’m not attacking people or try and invalidate other opinions by attacking the person. That isn’t what conservatives do.

It’s what the left has ramped up during the Obama admin.

I hold no ill will against anyone with a different opinion, I don’t think I can say the same for others but it’s what debate has become so I’m used to it


This is the Hallmark of people


Okay, Hallmark of people who don’t have an actual argument grounded in facts, or hallmark of people who support bad policies based on exaggerated truths.

It’s interesting that I’m not attacking people, I’m saying things going against deeply held view points, and people start attacking. But that’s okay because I am triggering. They aren’t just angry or judgemental people. I’m the reason for other people’s behavior.

See what I’m trying to say?


lol who put you in charge? I’ll shitpost all I like

It’s not about you dude. Except when it is


It’s my opinion, because when people on the left get triggered, they start attacking others. Then the people getting personally attacked are to blame. Then the thread gets shut down.

Multiple people have gotten triggered in this thread, even though they choose to engage. If other things people say are going to trigger you to the point of making personal attacks (this has happened multiple times) it’s a smart idea to not engage at all.

You can’t debate that Trump is doing an excellent job running his respective country, better than Macron is running his. How many months of riots is the working class in right now? I lost

Also how many rockets has North Korea launched over Japan lately? It seemed like it slowed dramatically over the past 2 years… I wonder what could have changed…