The political shit post thread Vol 2


what is this now? my president is better than your president? haha honestly man nobody is attacking you personally over what you say because, and I’ll let you in on a little secret, nobody gives a flying shit, they poke fun at you because you sound fucking crazy bro. You need to take a deep fucking breath and cool down on the trumpolitics, you are obssessed.


What’s practical…practically nothing so what works for the goose most often doesn’t work for the gander so all there is left to do is compromise on what’s the most pratical…

Circular logic is circular because of the circle…

I nominate Wwe superstar brock Lesnar and retired mma star connor McGregor, for vice president and president, floyd Mayweather can be secretary of state, and Mike Tyson for secretary of defense


Okay, so if people were just “poking fun” which i am all for… why is the thread getting shut down constantly? The logic doesn’t make sense to me.

Objectively, one country has a working class that has been in continuous riot for about half a year

Another country has a working class that isn’t in a riot at all…

I think one could say that a rioting working class can be a good indicator of rising tension and stress created by bad policy.


why are you even comparing french government and united states government? It feels like you’re trying to “trigger” me, like you bragged about doing.

check out this historic piece of greenwashing art


Because the claim that “Trump isn’t qualifed for president” is being discussed here. I’m making a case that maybe he knows what he is doing. To do that maybe we should compare his administration to other 1st world administrations. Sounds logical right?

Because if “Trump isn’t qualified” but he’s doing a pretty good job overall running the country… maybe the argument isn’t true and shouldn’t be used.

And if we can throw that argument out, then maybe we can throw out the argument that “Jared Kushner isn’t qualifed” out too.

(All of this is referring to the idea that Trump is hiring family members to do jobs they are not qualified for)

Pollution is bad and I hate littering. But we can come up with sensible solutions to both with out destroying entire industries. Something I really think France is doing right is that the bulk majority of their power comes from nuclear energy.

For whatever reason that I can’t figure out America isn’t going to go down that path



Now what happens in the real world… not some biased “comedy” show


guys this is a music production forum.

the fuck are we doing here.

end this. please. @Auto-meh-geddon. I beg of thee.



No offense Brogner, and I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m pretty sure that “Trump” & “Dems Vs. Reps” subject has been “discussed” here quiet a bit now… and became rather repetitive and quiet frankly just boring by now. I think we all can agree it got it’s day in the sun here on this thread, and we can now move on to other stuff. there is more to wonderful world of politics outside those 1 or 2 subjects, and I for one would be happy and actually am, very interested to participate & share ideas in some other discussions, as I imagine others on here might feel the same.


5 years ago I would of shitpost hijack this thread so hard but I is differnant now


We all would. :grin:


Brogner, I like you dude. I really do - we’ve had our good private chats and I totally absolutely respect your opinion on politics.

But this shit is hijacking the forum and the entire purpose of this website, and being a collective. I get that you have been a totally civil person, and you’ve felt attacked by others.

But please for the love of the netlabel. … just … let this shit die.

I’m fine even starting up a private message thread with all willing participants that desire a good chat about this stuff.

I for one, do not want a political SHITPOST thread to be the top thread in the side room every single fucking day.


i Concur ! i shall cease and desist with the funny business in this thread.
its…jut…tooo…eaesy.pouty face


Thx rixtr I literally just spent 40 minutes bumping inactive threads to knock this shit down to the bottom fuck it combo breaker lol






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Feeling a bit sorry for posting here again, but I just had to share this important story with you guys. It’s 2 years later now, who knows what those squids are up to now?