The political shit post thread Vol 2


If I saw some people shaking hands after a trip to the bathroom, I’d imagine something took place, to require one afterwards.


The story lost me at “shape shifted into the form of a human diver.”


A sad day for true journalism, speaking truth to and exposing actual power will get you silenced. Hope he wins this battle.


Something I could definitely agree on. Unfortunately it seems like he had it coming through, with the way he was fucking with the Ecuadorian embassy over there. Isn’t there some protection preventing him from getting extradited to the US though?


I think any protection he had from the rest of the world ended when he was picked up inside the embassy.


In regards to Assange he made too many enemies, being that some of his actions may have been the result of misplaced idealism…such is the world we live in…


Also Assange got played and decided to poke the bear with a taser to the testes…he should of just quit cause play the game long enough and the house always wins


It’s a bummer because he was the guy who was actually a liberal helping the common folk by exposing power.

He was safe in the Ecuador embassy until they removed his privilege allowing the UK police force to finally take him

From what I understand is that he won’t be charged for publishing stolen documents given to him by foreign entities… rather small stupid shit the powers that be can use to lock him up. We honestly need more people like this guy. People like him keep democracy alive.


This is where my sense of humor resides


Fuckin shame shame shame on you roughly ten roughly reasonable people for prolonging this thing so much further than it ever needed to go. All you had to do was turn around and face the other way and this text based nightmare would have ended. Wtf is wrong with you!



honestly sometimes i need to vent at this stuff because everytime i watch the news im getting brainwashed by politicians one way or another…like when someone says i love you to either get you in you bed, or not raise suspicion that they are taking advantage by asking you to be their sugar daddy so that they can make love to other people…

i need mental colon blow for all the political shit thats out there omg…

and i know idmf isnt’ the place for it… at least its in a singular thread that i can avoid, and this topic wont pop up in the off topic thread or the things that piss you off the most thread every so often


I tried closing it but that’s not my place. I still vote @Auto-meh-geddon just nukes this thing from orbit.

This thread became everything IDMf shouldn’t be.


Last time I closed this thread people complained I was a despot and as I said above, I’m not moderating this thread, you kids wanted it, you own it.
If enough people complain, happy to close this shit, I never wanted it in the first place.


Turns off thread notifications


Even Brogner said he’d be fine with this thread being deleted, so I don’t see anyone here rooting for it.

Not to be out of line here, but, isn’t moderating what you do here anyways? Or is relic our only janitor to clean up shitty threads like this?


Count me in as complaining… that kinda includes my own shitposting, but still, it should count for something :wink:


I haven’t seen anyone reporting posts in this thread, do you know there is a report button?
Also, we’re not here to read every single thing that is posted here, as I said before, if there is any issue, report.
Closing this thread now.
And as usual, you were being out of line.



I find it funny that that the people screaming for it to be closed cant stop posting in it. Months ago I set it so I just never saw the thread no matter what and I haven’t felt the need to post in it until for no good reason at all it is suddenly a shit storm again for what reason even?

Frankly, Ive set got half the forum set up so I never see what happens in those parts of it. Ive basically crafted the forum so I only have to see the parts the interest me. Ive got this thread so locked down the only way I can even find it is the search function.

I like this thread because it reminds me of some truths about the forum itself and its members. This thread reminds me why the dog needs a leash and a cone around its neck.

Just stop posting in it lol.


As you didn’t leave me time to reply last night, the snide remark above called for my closing snide remark.