The Off-Topic Thread


I thought those were due to copyright issues, but I could be mistaken.


Its 2024 trump talk and biden talk are gonna dominate every single fucking conversation.

And more oped philosophical thesis manifestos are gonna pop up…im gonna just tune it out and work on me…

I mean i could participate in this foolish nonsense but i wont because its foolish nonsense.

I do care…but its like complaining isnt solving the problem…and i got stuff to do.


Some think that they are judge dredd…but the thing is they arent judge dredd…and im not judge dredd either…

So blah blah blah…if you aint judge dredd…dont lower the bar.


South park…

Im butters/kenny.


Really? Not to my knowledge. @RFJ? get @Not_Benwaa on the line and ask him I guess. I’m pretty sure I released this one?


Its 2024 trump talk and biden talk are gonna dominate every single fucking conversation.

not in my world. and my work environment is filled with people who want to yell about these things. I choose to walk away from it most of the time. Practice active conversational withholding. Let the aggressor wear themselves out and just be like


…then walk away!

I’m not going to judge you for how you live, but this is a society, and you should participate. I didn’t use to in my early 20s because the gov was fucked then too and it was discouraging, but start with participating locally. Sure, presidents matter but not as much as what is in your world around you on a regional level.


Many thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also I promise not to intentionally spam idmf with my political analysis this election cycle and post election.

Because im making an effort to not be a cunt on these forums.


If i ever do get involved.

I would probably be redefining republicanism…

To incorporate civil rights, feminism, practical environmentalism, merit, as well as practicing secularism and with it being more ethically consistant.

Cause what republicanism now is a mockery.

As for Democrats not my ball game…leaving that alone cause they self regulate better.


yes, thank you.

lol I think that makes all of us

dammit @bfk you just did what you said you wouldn’t do


I highly doubt it. Vetrix has it up on their bandcamp touting IDMf as the label it was released on. As for the other one, I couldn’t find it online at all.


Ice cream waffle tacos :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Ha! I didn’t even know we had a @Not_Benwaa account (suspended) floating around here. Resurrecting 16 & 19 would be great. @Manton had been scouring the internet for them for a bit now.




I’m pretty sure like 99.99999% no copyright issues on those releases. The only copyright issue we ever had was with Toronto is Broken’s release for vocal samples coming from anime’s but i doubt it matters anymore, for real.

Speaking from my own time running the label, cannot account for the time Ben ran it.

That said, I have a bunch of his back up files too. I’m finding sooo much. Missing some things too. Hope I find them somewhere lol. There are 300,000 files on the drive.


So glad I resurrected this drive! It’s a blast to the past.


2024 idmf…thank you…for allowing me to be a guest here…

I wont be that guy that does “an open asshole to the idmf community part 2” not doing a repeat of a scenario where telefon tel aviv shyed away from idmf due to nonsense.

I will make an effort to be less of internet asshole.





also, speaking of Josh leaving here a long time ago, he’s a hardcore twitterererer and the replies to his posts sometimes are worse than anything we ever posted lol