The Off-Topic Thread


E book, hardcover, and paperback.


Can Morgan Freeman narrate it please :pray:


Than you can end it with a good ‘mother fucker’ from Samuel L Jackson


If vegeta can sing keysha cole…from ai vocal covers

Then we can get an ai narration of idmf forum posts.


I forgot audiobook lol.


Ting pee canned potatoes is be not today sum ting holla back caulifower Raggedity quan xi cylinders.


That’s fucking amazing dude!!


Snoop dogg/ice Cube


A story of being an unapologetic asshole on the internet…

Meanwhile in real life…its obvious.


Is the internet serious bidness…

No it aint…

Internet sometimes is a platform for such stupid bullshit…

The bullshit is a contagious infection.

The cure is real life.


Reminded me of this old classic:

On the internet, you can be whoever you want to be. Strange that so many people choose to be assholes.


New proud owner of a 90 day supply of prozac. Took a ton of effort to get to this point where my anxiety controls every waking moment of my life and I can’t function like a normal human being. Was contemplating the unalive scenario for a while, that’s how bad it got. Haven’t been on here in a while, my will to make music was solely driven by the vocalist I work with trying to get me back into being creative at all. Trying to outrun my paranoid guilt over things I probably shouldn’t feel guilty about. At least I’m not hearing voices in my head yet. Digging my own grave but I want to climb out of it so here’s where ur boy Mike’s at in early 2024. All the little things that can add up and burst the bottle I’ve been keeping my thoughts inside of.


Welcome back! It’s been a while :smiley:


Good luck…

Anxiety can sometimes be an illusion…
Or it can be unresolved stress…

I dont know your complete situation…and dont take my off the cuff remarks as gospel…

But yeah take care of yourself. Best wishes
Be a survivor. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Life can be shitty sometimes but it can also be beautiful, be strong.


Recovering my busted HD (dropped 7 years ago) which has years of my music projects including old IDMf files (masters & projects) on it. Hope it all comes out ok…


Good luck man, I’ve been in a similar boat before. Hope you can get in and get it all back without much issue.


It worked! It seems that all my files were recovered so far…! So music and pictures and writings and bullshit I haven’t seen in years and years…


I love that, it’s like a time capsule!



fark, dude did you know we are missing 016, and 019??