The Off-Topic Thread


Don’t know how many of you follow GBB but this was my favorite battle this year on the loopstation.


send me stems
let’s fail together


More like ib347x :slightly_smiling_face:

And this

I lost the account that hosted the ib347x and other iso stems…

I may have the stems for the breakcore challenge track…


Will do…also ive posted how to make those glitches with peak controller+limiter acting as a volume envelope sequence over granular modulations…

but i feel like it can be improved upon with some outside the box thinking…

^its in the last paragraph.

Will post the stems to similar breakcore track later today if you guys want and if i have them. :slightly_smiling_face::100:


Also will send the bassline i made for metasides remix as well.


A lot of my tracks were genre studies, and attempts to blend different genres…

But some songs in my head sound like …
woulgs cuntpressor + xanopticon + postrock +shoegaze…


Also if i recall correctly…the after effects transformers bassline was a feedback loop of two resampled basslines made in sytrus of which both are run through fls granulizer and are modulating each other with vocodex mixed in with the dry signals and then limited/compressed…with some fx and certain frequencies are mono and other frequencies being not mono…


i made a thread with the link to stems…its basically some noises…i made with some melodies


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man I love farts! it’s so crazy we’re still here! I fuckin love you @GomesR!


dude I fucking .LOVE. the summarize feature for this thread


I absolutely love this avatar. Whoever did this deserves a round of applause and an ice cream cone


dickbutt doesn’t get enough love these days.

I don’t have mod permissions anymore, I didn’t do it, but I appreciate genius when I see it.


Kind of fitting, too, since I name everything I touch dickbutt. Honestly I thought I made it up, but if it’s a meme then I must’ve stolen it


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My 400 ft backflip rope swing I did on my 40th birthday last October


Is there gonna be an e-book version?