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don’t ever lose that optimism bud!


optimism will be especially helpful, hopefully a long time from now, when you are approaching death.


The evidence shows that i suck at comedy. Also i know i suck at comedy. Lol.


Mainstream hip hop sucks now…theres no poetic effort put into…

Its literally

Lick my ass
You a ho
Your d aint d enough…

Megan the stallion
Tekashi 69 whatever the fuck…

Dont have it…

50cent was the last one that balanced club music and good listening music…


Ace ventura pooping himself out a mechanical rhinos asshole still funny.
Ray finkle.


Haha! I just watched that movie for the first time a few weeks ago, that was the best part!


Such a great movie


Ted the series.
Is just as good as the movies

Seth mcfarlane is a genius


Yep, a crying shame. Also, the amount of blatant explicit garbage being exposed to 12 year olds and probably younger is appalling.


I had a co-worker trying to get me to watch ted with him for the longest time. Never happened, and still haven’t seen it.


Can’t be any worse than some of the mainstream hiphop mentioned earlier. haha


Good god, i’m not sure i’m ready to be a dad… lol


Rap was always about a message whether social, political or otherwise. Now it’s a load of vocodas, auto tune with nothing to say of any jntelligable interest. Growing up listening to Public Enemey, NWA, De La Soul, Teibe Called Quest, Pharsude, Cypress Hill list goes on.
Personally I don’t recall any new. Rappers or material since enimems and Dres release back in the 00s.
Provabky wrong.
Listen to some public Enemey and absorb the energy and attitude… Now show me something similar today cause I’d love to be introduced :wink:


Krs one is still making music…hes still got it too…

J cole


I’m not one to look to for that kinda of music. haha. Closest I ever got was rap-rock from the 2000’s, which as far as i can tell, was kinda rooted in similar concepts.

Never really listened to hip hop as a kid, just whatever was on the local radio when i was really little (the 90’s).

I loved that old 90’s dance, La Bouche, Snap!, Corona, that kind of stuff.

Hip Hop and rap scared me, as did south park. I blame my parents. lol


I had an Usher CD though. My Way. I actually still kinda like that album.


it’ll have you on the level and everything


Shit posting
Too much Free time
Acting like a jackass on the internet
No point
Doesnt require any effort.

Too much free time
Acting like a jackass on the internet
Has a point but its nonsense
Sometimes satirical other time malicious…
actually requires some effort.

Conclusion summary
Whole lots of nah…



Yeah so…i would like it if someone succeeded where i failed…by making varied glitchy granular wubs act as the beat/drum element in a track.

Thanks in advance.



Do you mean like on your track “After Effects”? [Edit: pretty much every track you’ve done lol] Why have you failed? From where I stand you’ve made music unlike any other artist I’ve heard before. I’d say that’s a success!