The Off-Topic Thread


You know, I’ve never thought of that track through that lense before, but I can certainly see the similarities. Anodyne always had cool bass design, and I like music that has that kind of gritty nasty bass without the wub wubs and screechyness. Gimme dat deep ass dark shit any day.

It’s funny because that track only ended up on that release because the one I had originally sent in I had posted to distrokid without really thinking about it (I since stopped having my music on streaming services aside from bandcamp, at least as of now), so the label couldn’t accept it. I had to scramble to finish UNKNWN as a replacement submission. haha. Good times.

Glad to hear that the track remains in the brains of others to this day. Feels like a long time ago, even though it’s only been a few years.

I’ll bug him, maybe he’ll share some of the cool shit he’s worked on over the past year or two.


Taylor swift is just adult disney mickey mouse club music…

Lady gaga is better.


quick question & then i’ll go back to temporary hiding. um… can we have a top50 tracks for idmf in 2024? like a youtube playlist? just small, nothing major just like a glance at some unique sounds idmf created, or recommended for this entire year? idk if that’s a good idea or not i just thought we could be on youtube to showcase some different options that maybe mainstream record labels don’t cover. like ALLL bases covered- shoegaze, trip hop, edm, like everything- just something fresh for 2024. idk it’s just a suggestion. talk soon <3


Great idea! We’re about 5 steps ahead of you there. We are planning something.

It’s incredibly difficult to reduce the catalog to 50 great tracks though, so it’ll be expanded a bit more.


i wanted to apologize to anyone out there who i annoyed. i’m going through alot. and i chose to take it out on you guys. sorry. i’m working on being better. i’ll be back. to support our home and to embrace our lives. just not now.


I have no interest in making music anymore…

Is it cool if i post here every once in a while?

Also i said post…i didnt say shitpost.


Those social media social issue manifestos…

Go outside and make some friends…

Very rarely does such philosophization lead to actual political or cultural change…

Its not healthy because too much thought leads to lack of taking charge or action…

Gotta balance it out between thinking and doing stuff…lol


Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


Writing this bs cause i watched a yt video about how to make hip hop…

I wont ever rap this…

But playing with rhyme schemes and syllable rhythms…

Here is my dumb ass poem…lol:

Havin a vision is more than havin a realism. Its astronomical, way beyond decipherable, when limited. Frequency vibrational, kharma cyclical, dharma heavy, within occurance.

Circumstantiably calculating the subliminal concurrences burning incenses, at instances. Listens as those psychic prisms create mentalisms. For those dreams are aspirational inspirational facts. Unless you act, and thoroughly hurry before any worries. For At any moment dont blow it…preliminarily. like a scary movie no matter what the truth be…Seemingly having found potential and kinetic energy as a primary rock steadyism. So Push aside all those surrealisms.


Sometimes I think about adding lyrics to my songs but my lyrics always come out kind of like a Weird Al song - I had a whole one of the of the Winnie the Pooh song that was about the Great Firewall and the censorship of Winnie the Pooh in China. The chorus went -

Winnie the Pooh
Banned from you

Gotta use a VPN if you wanna see him




Ive read way too much webmd psychology and internet philosophy from minds without common sense and academic stuff …to write like a normal person…lol…

Oh gotta band name…

Minds without sense…lol


God’s Gift


In the eyes of god, the sky’s the limit. lol!


damn, perusing the idmf ott is a fever dream


Part 38388xhxusj:

About metoo…

People are sexual…

But some belonging to either gender exhibit broken behaviors…and beliefs

And they act on these broken beliefs…which results in bad stuff and broken behaviors…which leads to certain problems and issues

so theres is a little mental disconnect…based upon what ive seen of the collective conscious that is the internet

Because each individual is different as a result some have better sense and some dont have better sense…

I could be anal and obtuse about sex philosophy…and ethics…but that is nonsensical conversation…

In short sex should be an act of love…old rule of thumb i know… but it still holds up.

You can have sex without love but again you cant be selfish…and you gotta conduct yourself ethically.

I personally believe in love…

but some dont believe in it…or dont know how to love someone…or havent a experienced healthy form of love…

So Dont get confused love isnt selfish…


remember when all we talked about in the off topic thread was farts and who kinda sucks at DJing? fuck that was like almost 20 years ago. when did it become a livejournal? I mean I get it guys, you need an outlet, believe me I get it more than anyone but come on. the OTT used to be funny. you know what though I promised myself I wouldn’t come back here to bitch about what things used to be like, because I’ve alienated a lot of people being that guy. yeah I’m only here to praise where they are now and the fact they’re still here. so rant away gentlemen!


Well, we could all sit here and want for the past, or we can build on what we have today. I’m very proud of the past, but I’m also excited for the future…


eh the future is. fucked sooo. I guess we’ll just,… marinate


The future will be fucked when we are complacent and accept the status quo.

I say, fuck the status quo.