The Off-Topic Thread


i mean 88888888888


Good luck on the surgery, unless that part already happened!

I’ve been hit with a few of those in the past few years, and honestly the worst part wasn’t the surgery at all, but the specific repercussions of not having certain shit anymore, but most people don’t even have that happen. Don’t get anything ganked (just kidding, sometimes you have to if you don’t want to die)!

Also, I’d be more worried about someone posting on 4chan than getting surgery but that’s just me


NGL, I just got way too excited when I thought Soundcloud’s banner said, “Now introducing: Comic sans”

I need to go back to bed apparently, although that would be the cringiest / best shit ever


I too miss comic sans.


A chocolate burrito made of chocolate…

Also would look like a poop.


Butthurt in the feels.


The Charlie sheen = jack daniels, jameson, tequila, vodka, and rum mixed with coca cola…


jesus christ i fucking RANT when i’m drunk. i’m scheduling surgery soon. idk when. i gotta copyright claim on soundcloud. might lose my profile. if so i’m moving to mixcloud & tiktok.


i mean my music is shit anyway. it’s lower volume compared to anyone else, it’s niche, and doesn’t follow any formula except my own basic music theory knowledge that everyone else follows. and it’s yelling. no one wants to listen to some stupid cunt yelling about shit that doesn’t apply to their specific circumstances. fuck anyone who hates on edgar allen poe. that is my role model. dude died doing what he loved. died in the street on the pavement like a dog. rrepresent that. i would have died many years ago- just like him. on the street- in the very specific stairwell i slept in. i would have died there . in that uncomfortable stairwell. all alone. but i was blessed with parents who gave a fuck about me. so i didn’t die. i hail edgar allen poe and i feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t agree with me. he is a king. and he died. and he died a fucking loser. just like me.----
na i won’t end it there. i’m not a loser. i’m just lost and everyone thinks i’m a strange freak insane nightmare. i’m ok with this. i tried dating a sorority girl. i got my reality check. good girls are not your cup of tea. move on. i’m not gonna meet anyone in a gas station, so that makes my market about .07% compatability. but that’s ok. my music is my love. and i don’t want anyone coming between us. i failed capturing a hooker. just to let you all know. it wasn’t my “intention” - like i wasn’t like consciously "hey i wannt “capture this creature”— " it was more like, "this female loves me… and i never asked her to love me, but for some sick reason she still came back to ME. after 5 years. she STILL asked for me by name. i hope she is in jail. i want her in jail PERMANENTLY. i want her to suffer deeply. and i don’t really care how evil i am because of it. i’m going on 5 years away from her,. and if i have not yet learned to love thy neighbor, but to harm others- do you think i will be swayed by your argument? cuz she deserves it. and i hope her mother … let’s just say i watch alot of twisted shit on youtube. and nothing on there compares to the suffering her mother deserves. now i’m done with her-

she is art. and i will live her through my art.


i’m all alone in this world. and it’s far past time i need to start embracing this reality


this isn’t real dude. none of ^^^^^ THIS is real… none of this pays your bills. none of this takes you to your job. none of this keeps your family safe and in good health. none of this is real.


Dont devote yourself to art…
Devote yourself to work…

The work that you got to do to support yourself…
The work you have to do to achieve your goals…etc…

If anything art is something that helps you get centered and focused so that you have the creative energy to figure out how to solve your problems creatively…

Everybody is alone…keep evolving.

I dont know…everyone is different…


alot of VERY bad vibes right now. work fucked me. reality fucked me. i’m hanging on by a fucking thread right now. about to pop off. i’m gonna sleep it off but tomorrow i will still have the energy left over from tonight. if that doesn’t make sense then you’re no bipolar


i never experienced a “normal” life before. i don’t know what “normal” looks like… does anyone know?


No such thing as a normal life


It will always depend on what criteria the vast majority decide fit the “normal” spectrum. It’s going to be different in every country in the world, based on what is most likely to be the encountered life circumstances there, at any given age. And even this constantly fluctuates… because the only constant in life is change (despite scared people who try really hard to create the illusion of safety from time and aging).


A hater is a sour grape that makes all the other fruit rotten cause they are a sour

Also some need to learn that other peoples relationships are sometimes nobody elses business…


More diarrhea than a wet taco in a gas stations bathroom…


Im way too much asshole for the shit in that toilet.

More fucked up than a blind dude on pcp riding a gocart in monaco…


Yalko moxy evergreen…